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Tag: Business Process Management

risk management using an ics - rock climber

Risk Management Using an ICS is Your Secret Weapon

Assessing BPM maturity - dusty wine bottle

Assessing BPM Maturity: Understanding the 7 Core Capabilities

growing your business with process management blog header image

Growing Your Business With Process Management

process management for government header image - building with columns

Process Management for Government: Doing More With Less

lightbulb header image for Common Arguments Against Process Management blog

How to Beat Common Arguments Against Process Management

tactics for achieving bpm buy-in header image - lightbulbs

Tactics for Achieving BPM Buy-In From Your Colleagues

common roles needed for successful BPM

7 Common Roles Needed for Successful BPM

effective process simulation crystal ball on keyboard

Effective Process Simulation: Making Processes Crystal Clear

process manager multi language import and export product release blog image

Multi-language import and export | Signavio Process Manager

adapting automated processes - workflow screen

Adapting Automated Processes with Signavio Workflow Accelerator

Process health - runner tying shoes

Process Health in Your Organization: Preparing for Excellence

Process optimization - Easter eggs and daffodils

Hunting for Easter Treats (and Process Optimization) with Signavio

What the GDPR means for you in 2019

« Rewind after reading: What the GDPR means for you in 2019

Mark McGregor interview part two blog

'Involve Your Whole Team': BPM Strategy with Mark McGregor

BPM and blockchain blog image

Beware These Common BPM and Blockchain Fallacies

Mark McGregor interview blog image

'Accept Constant Change': BPM Strategy with Mark McGregor

new bpm tool blog image

Just Right: How To Select The New BPM Tool You Need

2019 business strategy blog - balloon pop

3 Ways to Avoid Sabotaging Your 2019 Business Strategy

bpm solutions blog image mark mcgregor interview

BPM Solutions: The Evolution of Business Process Management

process management in the pharmaceutical industry - filling test tubes in a laboratory

What’s Up, Doc? An In-Depth Look At Harnessing Process Management In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Challenges of Digitalization for Banks - Bankers stand in an office

OpEx and the Challenges of Digitalization for Banks

process repository blog image

Enterprise-Level Impact: 5 Steps to a Better Process Repository

Operational Efficiency-illustration of two people in suits and VR finanzdienstleistung's logo

Operational Efficiency in the Banking & Finance Sector

cloud native technology white paper cover image

Cloud Native Technology Makes Process Management Better

Consumer loyalty neon sign

The Wild Card: How Companies Punish Consumer Loyalty

watermelon and feta salad

Freshen up your processes with the Signavio BPM Cookbook

Roger Burlton blog - building business agility with BPM

Leap Into Building Business Agility with BPM

industry 4.0 success cassette

Don’t Look Back in Anger: Reaching the Oasis of Industry 4.0 Success

workflow approvals blog image - working late

Multi-level approval workflows

design thinking and bpm - michael rosemann picture

Design thinking and BPM: A match made in heaven

name business processes

How To Name Business Processes Using One Word (It's Scope)

DSGVO-Umsetzung durch Prozessmanagement

GDPR Implementation in 4 Steps!

Boat tries to reach the GDPR goal in stormy seas

The 6 biggest changes in the GDPR you should know!

The manufacturing bpm increases

BPM: The Adrenaline of Manufacturing

Video: 2018 is the year of BPM facts and feelings

2018 Amazon shareholder letter response - Gero speaking to camera

Process Management Takes a Starring Role in Amazon's 2018 Shareholder Letter

Naming business processes presentation on a conference

The Top 5 Mistakes You Can Make When Naming Business Processes

Signavio Business Breakfasts

Event Recap: Signavio Business Breakfast Tour

Client Assets Regulation officers in discussion

Client Assets Regulation with Signavio

Scrum master Adiya interview picture

Scrum master expert interview: Adiya Mohr

2020 BPM trends tablet with graph

2018 BPM trends: What you need to know

Hands on customer journey maps modeling

hexagonal blocks in a chain

Blockchain - just a buzz word, or BPM's newest ally?

process mapping-a man presses buttons on glass

Embark on your process mapping journey


2018 BPM predictions—and resolutions!

Looking Back at 2017

Employee talks to colleagues about improving productivity with BPM

Improving employee productivity—and how BPM can help!

iterative software development - man on a step

Why Signavio practices an iterative approach to software development

7 steps to Operational Excellence - Number 7 with path to island

7 Steps to Operational Excellence

7 steps to Business Transformation guide - number 7 with path to rocket ship

7 Steps to Business Transformation

Business Process Maturity Model

How Business Process Maturity Models Help Your BPM Initiative Succeed

Business Goals Modeling Processes with ArchiMate on a Notebook

Modeling Business Goals with ArchiMate

Modern Compliance Management - Gavel resting beside book

Change as a Constant in Modern Compliance Management

employee explains the change from process mapping to process modeling and shows it via iPad

How TAB Bank Went From Process Mapping to Process Management and You Can Too

BPM with people-centric process management

How to Develop People-Centric Process Management

enterprise architecture modeling on a screen

Enterprise architecture modeling for business process professionals

Workflow Integration - man with four arms sitting in front of a laptop

Integrating a workflow with external web services

Resolving the compliance/customer experience challenge - man in front of a computer

Compliance & Customer Experience: Resolving the Conflict

Continuous Improvement for Business Transformation - Process improvement team in front of an Ipad

Taking Control of Continuous Improvement for Business Transformation

Visualizing Business Process KPIs

Compliance meeting of two people

Compliance today; a Nuisance or a Necessity?

collaborative bpm at aok

“For me, BPM is a further development of the company culture.”

process thinking insurance: digital display

Process Thinking in Insurance Part 2

Bpm_subsets: Glasses_Laying_on_a_table

Making Your Stakeholders' Lives Easier with BPMN Subsets

bpm in the digital world shining globe surrounded by digital icons

Three Ways BPM Must Change to Reflect the Digital World

Process Thinking European Insurance - Glasses laying on a table, people talking in the background

Process Thinking in European Insurance

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions - Young man in front of a computer

Using Signavio to configure SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

bpm-interview-verka: Portrait Claudia Ibe-Göhler

BPM Interview: Verka VK

Process-Oriented Risk Management: Process-Oriented Risk Management: Glasses laying on a note book

Hands-On Process-Oriented Risk Management


Signavio Customer Day 2016 - Experience Combined Process and Decision Management

People in discussion: Customer interview Berliner Woche

BPM Customer Interview: "Berliner Woche"

Variant Management

How to manage process variants

Process mapping value pen with notepad image

From process documentation to process execution

Process mapping value pen with notepad image

Process mapping basics: hassle vs value

Spreadsheet-based BPMN modeling with Signavio’s BPM QuickModel

Difference Workflow vs. Business Process Management

The difference between workflow and business process management

Managing the Complex Decision Logic of Business Processes with DMN

Improving Process Models with Modeling Conventions

Membership Approval - letting people join your club

The Process Model Repository of the Future

The case for workflow modelling patterns

Prototyping executable process models

There’s more than one kind of database

Four kinds of business process software

The third part of business process modelling

As simple as possible