2018 BPM predictions—and resolutions!

Written by Lucas de Boer | 3 min read
Published on: January 15th 2018 - Last modified: November 13th, 2020

So here we are—the holidays are well and truly over. The decorations have come down, the Christmas tree is gone, and we’ve finished sweeping up what remains of the fireworks from New Year’s Eve. Welcome to 2018!

New year, new goals

The start of any new year is typically a time for reflection and planning. What has gone well over the last 12 months, and what could have gone better? What are you looking forward to, and what are some of the challenges you might face?

We should all consider these questions in our own lives, but they are just as important for businesses and organizations. It might even be time to set some new year’s resolutions!

Following our busy and exciting 2017, Signavio is looking forward to an even bigger and better 2018. We have set a number of ambitious internal goals as a company: continuing to grow our annual recurring revenue (ARR), further strengthening the way Signavio products interact within the Process Transformation Suite, improving our efficiency and productivity, and maintaining our “one family” attitude to working at Signavio.

We’ve brushed the streamers and confetti out of our hair, and everyone at Signavio is already hard at work to make these new year’s resolutions come true. Good luck with your own resolutions for 2018!

Technology trends

Of course, a new year is also a chance to examine the way your business is working, how efficiently and effectively you are carrying out your mission, and where improvements can be made. It will be no surprise that Signavio recommends BPM as a great place to start this thinking.

BPM means different things to different people, in different locations and contexts and businesses. Just like the technology it is based on, BPM is also an evolving concept, with new ideas and challenges popping up all the time.

A recent Gartner report has identified some of the leading strategic technology trends for 2018, including how the rise of AI will interact with existing systems, as well as supporting new applications and technologies. The rise of ‘mixed reality’ (interacting with a virtual environment while moving through a physical space) may also help businesses model their processes and activities in exhaustive detail.

While Signavio might still be a few years away from developing our very own drone army (see the ‘intelligent things’ section of the above article), we do have a number of resident BPM experts...

BPM predictions for 2018

“Facts and feelings will be the two key drivers behind continued growth in BPM for 2018. Traditional subjective analysis approaches will be increasingly supported by objective analysis from process mining / process discovery technology. This fact-based analysis will also be used in accelerating ERP transformations, and to elevate robotic process automation (RPA) to a strategic level. The feelings aspect will come from a renewed focus on the customer, and broader use of customer journey maps to better understand how businesses really work, and how to transform operations to meet the demands of a changing marketplace.”

—Dr Gero Decker

“In many ways it seems there is a perfect storm brewing that will elevate the value and need for process modelling to the ‘next level’ in organisations.

This storm is a combination of the availability of powerful, easy-to-use tools enabling the democratization of process modelling itself; the urgent need to almost totally transform an organisation’s technology landscape, get costs under control, and dispose of historical systems that actually hold organisations back; and, driven in part by the nature of digital business, the need to completely rethink how organizations operate.

When looked at like this, to rethink how you do business means to rethink not just processes, but to rethink customer centricity, rethink rules and to deploy smarter systems to ensure you get the information you need delivered how and when you need it. To summarize, 2018 is less about the tools themselves, and more about the urgency to apply modern tooling to solve modern problems, while engaging and empowering a broader cross section of your workforce to make change happen.”

—Mark McGregor

Clearly, 2018 will be a year of change and growth in the BPM space. To see how Signavio can help you navigate the exciting times ahead, including an increased focus on your customers, contact us at info@signavio.com or request a free demo today!

Published on: January 15th 2018 - Last modified: November 13th, 2020