Signavio Workflow Accelerator 3.83 (SaaS)

March 1st 2019


General Notice

As stated in the release notes for version 3.78, the development team is still working on improving overall workflow editor performance. These efforts might temporarily impact editor performance or cause issues such as shapes moving while modeling. This topic currently has the highest priority, and will likely take some more time to resolve.

Fixed Bugs


  • We fixed several issues that prevented opening a workflow.
  • User tasks could not be changed after removing an exclusive gateway.
  • When an exclusive gateway contained a default transition, this gateway could not be removed.
  • In multi-user tasks, users were unable to add choice fields or new fields to an existing task.
  • Users were unable to change the execution type of a multi-user task.
  • For some processes, it was not possible to open the column configuration in the case overview.
  • Users who logged into the application for the first time after registration were unable to create workflows.
  • For connector fields in a user form, the data format from the connector was not validated. Case workers were unable to submit a form when a field used an incorrect data format.