Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 8.2.0 (SaaS)

September 14th 2014

New & Improved Features

  • Adding new users directly to a group: When inviting a user it is now possible to select specific user groups the new user will be added to. The user then inherits the access rights of these groups. If no group is selected the user will get all rights on the folder “Shared Documents”.
  • Importing dictionary entries from Microsoft Excel sheets: The dictionary offers the possibility to export entries from Microsoft Excel sheets. It is now possible to make changes in the sheet and add new entries, and import those changes into the dictionary. Only the titles of dictionary entries cannot be changed this way.
  • Dynamic execution time of activities in the simulation: For activities not only constant execution times can be added, but a distribution of a variety of execution times and variations. Example: Activity A needs 20 minutes in 80% of the cases and 5 minutes in 20%.
  • Determine a process owner for the approval workflow: Via an own attribute on diagram level it is now possible to add a process owner by inserting his email address into this attribute. This process owner may be committed to the approval workflow, so he is able to accomplish the approval (Ultimate-Edition only).
  • The creation of reports and Signavio archives is now faster.
  • The adding of a new element to an existing sequence flow via the context-sensitive shortcut menu is now possible by clicking on the successor-element, if there is enough space for the new element.
  • If you receive email notifications for a folder or diagram due to a subscription on a parent folder, you now see a hint in the Signavio Explorer through which subscription you will be notified.
  • Fixed Bugs

    • In BPMN 2.0 Choreography diagrams participant elements of the diagram are shown wrong in PNG and the PDF representation in certain cases.
    • If the number of executions per year is defined in a BPMN 2.0 Process diagram, the frequency is not shown in the simulation but is used for the calculation.
    • The specification of a workload of a resource in the simulation results is based on the assumption that the resource is available 24/7, even though a working schedule has been defined.
    • The simulation of vertical oriented diagrams does not work.
    • The Microsoft Excel report of simulation results does not contain the total runtime of tasks.
    • When opening the diagram comparison via the activity feed, the revision is compared with itself and not with the previous revision.
    • In certain cases older entries to newer diagram revisions are missing.
    • In certain cases dictionary entries are not linked to diagrams when using the Quickmodel-licence.
    • When changing a name of a custom attribute and showing this attribute in the list view of the explorer, the name of the table does not change.
    • BPMN 2.0 XML Export: If a diagram contains embedded sub-processes, it may occur that duplicate IDs are showing up in the XML.
    • If you define a subset for a value chain and the grouping for this subset is activated, an error occurs when opening the editor view or during the editing.
    • The input field of the email address resetting your password does not accept certain but valid special characters.
    • After the upload of a document the statement for the still available storage does not get updated.