Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 7.3.0 (SaaS)

New/improved Functions

  • Spreading elements evenly: A new function now facilitates the uniform distribution of diagram elements. The elements will now be equally spaced. Therefore it is now easier to make diagrams more aesthetically pleasing to view.
  • Simulation results can now be exported as a Microsoft Excel file.
  • The Signavio Sharepoint connector is now available for Microsoft Sharepoint 2013.
  • Embedding pictures into the process documentation:  The configurable process documentation templates will now allow uploaded images to be shown in the process documentation directly, instead of a reference to the file.
  • Modeling conventions: The notation of the description of mistakes, warnings and hints has been improved. The description will now always be displayed completely.
  • Commenting: Users of the portal can now view comments of the modelers, which were created for newer diagram versions as the published one. As a result users of the portal are now able to discuss with the modeler.
  • The notation UML Use Case diagram now allows the creation of packets.
  • In Value chain diagram text notes can now be connected with process elements via an assoziation.
  • The function "create free space" will now automatically increase the drawing area, if the remaining space is not adequate.
  • Fixed Bugs

    • With a lower screen resolution the printing dialog is too large, so that the printing process is not executable.
    • In certain cases problems occur using the Signavio Webpart for Microsoft Sharepoint 2010. Furthermore invoking the Webpart with the Internet Explorer 9 or higher may result in display errors.
    • Using the Internet Explorer 9 or higher display errors occur when defining "Risks & Controls" , which makes it impossible to delete or create "Risks & Controls".
    • In the Collaboration Portal it is possible to print element details and comments, even though the possibility of printing is disabled by configuration in the portal.
    • When a default flow is included in a BPMN process diagram, the symbol is not shown when changing the diagram language or after a BPMN 2.0 XML shape import.
    • Multiple cases were fixed when using the "Create Free Space" function caused an unexpected moving or kinking of edges and reference points.
    • Simulation: There is always one more case simulated than defined in the time frame.