Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 7.1.0

New/improved Functions

  • Custom dictionary categories: Until now, you could define a dictionary entry in one of five predefined categories. Now administrators can define own additional categories and subcategories. For example, you can subdivide the predefined category "Organizational Units" into "Locations" and "Roles". Categories that are not used can be hidden.
  • Grouping of modeling elements in custom subsets: You can now decide whether own subsets of modeling elements are sorted by grouped by their type or not. Previously, the elements of a subset have been grouped in case the amount of elements in the subset has been higher than 15.
  • When checking the Signavio Best Practice guidelines in the process editor, errors, warnings and hints link now directly to a detailed description of the respective guideline on .
  • Attribute visualization layers and risks and controls in the Collaboration Portal: In the same way modeling users can visualize attributes (Ultimate edition only) and risks and controls with different-colored icons, this feature is now also available in the Collaboration Portal.
  • It is now possible to label a BPMN lane, even if the subordinate pool does not contain any other lane.
  • The Signavio archive (SGX) export/import feature offers now the transfer of definitions of custom attributes, subsets and custom dictionary categories.
  • The representation of table attributes in the Collaboration Portal has been improved.
  • The modeling convention "Consistent naming of subprocesses" executes the comparison now based on remapped labels, so separators don't cause a falsely positive result, for example.
  • When exporting several diagrams as a PDF using the PDF (single diagram) export function, these diagrams appear in the PDF in alphanumerical order.
  • In the editing view, diagrams that are linked to the current diagram are listed, so navigating between these diagrams is now more convenient.
  • Fixed Bugs

    • When using French as your profile language, times are displayed in a wrong format.
    • When using the modeling convention check to search for edge overlays, edge crossings will be recognized as edge overlays, too.
    • In some cases, using the zoom function in the simulation component leads to graphical errors.
    • Several graphical and usability bugs have been fixed in the QuickModel component.
    • When changing table elements of process documentation templates to lists and backward in a multilingual work space, the column titles of the table disappear.
    • Using the compensation intermediate event might in some cases lead to false warnings in the Signavio Best Practices check.
    • In some cases it is not possible to simulate a valid BPMN process diagram with multiple start events.