SAP Signavio Process Manager: Changes in Version 15.7.0 (SaaS)

New / Improved Functions

  • We’ve added a new shape called ‘Sentiment’ to the ‘Live Insights’ shapes, which displays the mood of a persona depending on the linked process data.
  • In the editor toolbar, we’ve updated the ‘Show or hide grid’ icon in the editor toolbar.
  • For the ‘Process Documentation’, we’ve updated the instructions to create a table of contents.

Fixed Bugs

  • Synchronizing users, who have multiple licenses between SAP Signavio Process Manager and SAP Signavio Process Governance, would only assign the users from the first license pool with a SAP Signavio Process Governance license. We’ve fixed this. Read more about licenses in this section.
  • Importing an Excel file that updates dictionary entries which contain unmapped description fields, removes the description attribute of the updated entries. We’ve fixed this. Read more about importing dictionary entries in this section.
  • When exporting a simulation report to an Excel output, the duration cells and language would have incorrect formats. We’ve fixed this. Read more about simulation reports in this section.
  • Copying a notation subset which contains elements from both the ‘Basic Shapes’ and ‘Live Insights’ sets, wouldn't copy the ‘Live Insights’ elements. We’ve fixed this. Read more about notation subsets in this section.
  • When running a Process Model Metric Report on advanced search criteria and exporting the results to Excel, not all objects were included in the Excel report. We’ve fixed this. Read more about the Process Model Metric Report in this section.

Please note that this software release is deployed to our different systems, and over the next few days. You can check the  current software version in the help menu.