SAP Signavio Process Manager: Changes in Version 11.11.0 (SaaS)

New / Improved Functions

  • We launched new Collaboration Hub user licenses. With the new licenses, you can create and manage Collaboration Hub users in the same way you manage ‘modeling’ users of Process Manager. The licenses are an alternative to the existing certificate-based licenses, support a more intuitive approach to user management, and make it possible to manage email notifications for Collaboration Hub users. In the future, the new licenses make it easier to manage  the permissions of Hub users that authenticate via SAML/LDAP-based single-sign on. The new licenses are now available for all newly registered customers. Existing customers with Enterprise or Classic licenses will be migrated in the following weeks.. If you are using an old license type (not Enterprise or Classic) and you want to use the new licenses, please get in touch with your person of contact at Signavio.
  • In addition to these new user licenses, we added a new permission type to the user management dialog: Hub access. Users with Hub access to a folder can only view diagrams that have been published to Collaboration Hub.
  • Users who attempt to change the title of an existing dictionary entry to a name that has already been used will now see a warning dialogue. Note to customers with an API license: This is a breaking change to the API. Adding the parameter “force=true” forces an update that is sent when confirming the update dialog.
  • When clicking on internal hyperlinks in Collaboration Hub, the link target is opened in the same tab. Only external links are opened in a new tab.
  • All Excel reports have the option of being generated without merged cells (meaning, consecutive cells with the same content in a column will not be merged into a single cell). Deactivating the merging of cells makes automatically post-processing reports easier, especially when completing tasks such as aggregating data.
  • Fixed Bugs

    • It was not possible to reference a Dictionary item with a manually defined list to a DMN multi-instance decision element.
    • The import feature for ARIS Markup Language (AML) files was too slow.
    • In the compact view of Collaboration Hub, the responsible assignment descriptions were always displayed in English, even when the display language was set to another language.
    • After using the element alignment options for Customer Journey Map diagrams, the system didn’t align sequence connecting sequence flows correctly.
    • When generating process documentation reports, the system didn’t apply the rich text formatting correctly to dictionary descriptions.
    • It was not possible to import dictionary entries from Excel spreadsheets if a dictionary element had special characters in its title.
    • In Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox, the input field for naming a new rule was not visible when using the modeling guidelines configuration.