Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 10.8.0 (SaaS)

New / Improved Functions of the Signavio Platform

  • The Collaboration Portal is loading faster.
  • In your workspace administration settings, you can now deactivate specific attribute visualization layers completely.
  • When a diagram is automatically published by an approval workflow, the name of the workflow is displayed as part of the publishing information in the Collaboration Portal.

New / Improved Functions of the Signavio Process Editor

  • Process characteristics reports now support ArchiMate diagrams.
  • You can now include the new reusable risk and control attributes in process documentation exports (Beta).
  • Process characteristics reports now support the new reusable risk and control attributes (Beta).
  • Users can no longer deactivate dictionary categories that are actively used to define reusable risks and controls. This prevents users from accidentally deactivating or even deleting these categories, which would render the corresponding risks and controls unusable. To delete a corresponding risks and controls category, you need to remove all linking risk and control attributes first.

New / Improved Functions of the Signavio Decision Manager

  • Process characteristics reports now support DMN diagrams.
  • We improved the FEEL expressions in DMN.
    • We now support expressions like “and” and “or”.
    • You can now create comparisons with “=” instead of “==”.
    • You can now use variables with reserved names like true, * and function with single quotes (for example: ‘true’ or ‘function’).

Fixed Bugs

  • When creating initial start and end events in QuickModel, the event elements are not placed correctly.
  • When editing date attributes in QuickModel, some date formats are not stored correctly.
  • In some components and graphic exports, edges of Value Chain diagrams are drawn over connected elements.
  • Mozilla Firefox is evaluated as a 'not supported browser' if you configured the browser to support referencing documents on network drives.
  • When displaying diagram attributes in the Editor in multiple languages, translations are missing or incorrectly marked as 'overwritten'.
  • The connector of the Solution Manager can't connect to the Signavio server.
  • In the Collaboration Portal long texts of element attributes are cut off in some cases.
  • If a complex set of access rights settings is configured for Collaboration Portal users, the complete application takes more time to load.
  • Columns of reusable risks in the Editor are not displayed in the same order as in the Dictionary.
  • When defining reusable risks in the Editor, empty lines are stored without reason and displayed in several places throughout the application.
  • When creating a reusable risk or control directly in the Editor, the risk or control is in some cases not applied to the corresponding table column.
  • The risk and control report contains a sheet for the (old) basic feature for risks and controls, even if this sheet doesn't contain any data.
  • The risks and controls report for reusable risks contains the data of only one diagram, even if you selected multiple diagrams when creating the report.
  • The Collaboration Portal incorrectly determines the total number of dictionary entries per category if 'manually' is configured as the category's publishing mode.
  • QuickModel doesn't display the names of start and end events correctly if multiple events exist for the corresponding event type.
  • The entry diagram in the Collaboration Portal's 'Home' page is not placed correctly within the page's layout.
  • The Petri Net simulation (only available for Signavio Academic) doesn't work.