Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 10.2.0 (SaaS)

New / Improved Functions of the Signavio Platform

  • It is now possible to deploy decision diagrams as business rule tasks to Signavio Workflow (Enterprise Edition) to execute them there.
  • In the Editor, an additional dialog tab makes it easier to revert locally overwritten attributes of linked Dictionary entries.
  • The old version of the Collaboration Portal has been shut down completely.

New / Improved Functions of the Signavio Decision Manager

  • It is now possible to export decision diagrams as standard compliant DMN 1.1 XML files.
  • When modeling data objects in the Dictionary, it is now possible to add primitive types like lists or text attributes to complex data types.

Fixed Bugs

  • Deleting users as a workspace administrator in the Signavio Explorer can take more time than usual in some cases.
  • When saving a diagram as a copy in the Editor, the name of the original is used as the default name of the copy. This way, it is impossible to distinguish the two diagrams in the Signavio  Explorer.
  • In QuickModel, long entries in list attributes overlap with the 'remove' link.
  • In QuickModel, adding a new line by clicking the ‘+’ symbol is not possible.
  • In QuickModel, diagram layout issues occur in some cases.
  • In the Editor and the Dictionary, special characters are not displayed correctly in some cases.
  • The list of recent changes is not available in the Collaboration Portal in some cases.
  • In QuickModel, there are no columns for IT Systems and Data Objects in some cases.
  • In custom modeling conventions, custom mandatory attributes cannot be defined in some cases.
  • In the Collaboration Portal's new search, results are missing in some cases
  • In QuickModel, no suggestions for dictionary entries are displayed in some cases.
  • In the Collaborartion Portal, line breaks in element labels are not displayed correctly in some cases
  • In the Collaboration Portal, the column titles of ‘Risks & Controls’ are displayed in the wrong language in some cases.
  • Sometimes the process level pyramid is not clearly visible when custom colors are used in the Collaboration Portal.
  • In the Editor, linked subprocesses cannot be displayed in some cases.
  • The upload dialog for documents and process documentation templates displays a technical identifier instead of a comprehensible text.