SAP Signavio Process Manager: Changes in Version 10.15.0 (SaaS)

New Product Names

  • We renamed our products as follows:
    • The Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager are now the SAP Signavio Process Manager.
    • The Signavio Collaboration Portal is now the Collaboration Hub.
    • We renamed Signavio Workflow to Signavio Process Governance.

 New / Improved Functions

  • The Drools and DMN 1.1 XML exporters include all custom attributes that are used in the exported root diagram.
  • Signavio supports the DMN ‘boxed context’ construct for decision modeling. Boxed contexts simplify working with literal expression by subdividing literal expression logic.
  • We introduced support for the DMN ‘boxed invocation’ construct for decision modeling, including export as Drools and DMN 1.1 XML files. Boxed invocations allow the parametrized invocation of structured decision logic defined in other models, which can be referenced through ‘business knowledge models’.
  • We improved the performance of the search function in the Explorer and Collaboration Hub.
  • Diagram links in the process model metrics report work even when a diagram is moved after the report has been generated.
  • The risk management feature supports all attribute types that are available in the Dictionary.
  • The warning that pops up when creating a dictionary entry with an already existing name specifies in which dictionary categories duplicates exists.

Fixed Bugs

  • The order of parameters of the literal expression’s ‘Date’ function didn’t comply with the DMN 1.1. standard.
  • After selecting a ‘smart folder’, the button to generate process documentation reports was not selectable.
  • The ‘Show usage’ dialog in the Dictionary was empty if it was opened by a user who doesn’t have read access rights to the ‘Shared Documents’ folder.
  • It was not possible to copy the modeling convention ‘eCH-0158 1.1 BPM’.
  • In PDF reports, links to collapsed sub processes didn’t work.
  • A BPMN 2.0 XML import failed if the to-be-imported diagrams contained duplicate IDs.
  • After importing multi-lingual diagrams as Signavio archive (SGX) files, in rare cases the attribute panel in the Editor displayed incorrect information.
  • We fixed several cross site scripting issues.
  • When opening complex diagrams in the Collaboration Hub, it is not possible to scroll to the rightmost area.
  • After opening and closing an element’s info box in the Collaboration Hub, in some cases it was not possible to re-open it .
  • In some cases it is not possible to create process documentation reports if the template the report is based on contains special characters.
  • In some cases, process characteristics reports that were created in multi-language workspaces contained ‘NULL’ in cells for values of dictionary entries that had no translation.
  • After adding a comment on diagram level in the Collaboration Hub, this comment was considered as assigned to a non-existing element in the Editor.
  • When using the advanced search in the Collaboration Hub, the column ‘In Folders’ was missing in the result representation.
  • The count function in DMN FEEL expressions was only applicable to lists of type number.
  • The list of users did not load when non-administrators tried to invite other modelers to edit a diagram.
  • The ArchiMate 3.0 notation was missing the ‘Or-Junction’ element.
  • After deleting custom attribute definitions, their old values were sometimes still displayed in subprocess references in the Collaboration Hub.
  • In rare cases, it was not possible to save value chain diagrams.