Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 10.13.0 (SaaS)

New / Improved Functions of the Signavio Platform

  • The Editor now supports ArchiMate 3.0.
  • You can now configure the color of ArchiMate connector elements. This improvement was suggested in the Signavio Ideas Portal.
  • In the access right management dialog, you can now select users and user groups via a search-as-you-type function.
  • In Excel reports, fields with identical content (for example: repeating diagram names) are now merged into one where possible.
  • The process characteristics report now arranges child elements directly below their parent elements.
  • We improved the performance of the Collaboration Portal.

New / Improved Functions of the Signavio Process Editor

  • The risk management feature now supports descriptions, linked documents and custom attributes of the types ‘multi-line text’ and ‘documents’ (beta).
  • When creating a linked sub process, the system now applies the orientation of the parent diagram to the sub process diagram.

New / Improved Functions of the Signavio Decision Manager

  • The DMN XML exporter is now compatible with Drools 7.

Fixed Bugs

  • We fixed two errors in the Dictionary's spreadsheet importer:
    • After exporting and re-importing dictionary entries, custom attributes of the type ‘URL’ that don’t have a description/label are corrupt.
    • When importing dictionary entries that have umlauts in their titles, the system fails to identify duplicates.
  • When adding multi-language definitions for custom attributes of type ‘dictionary link’, only the definition for the default language is saved.
  • When merging dictionary entries, the dialog’s table header does not display the entry’s title if it is not defined in the workspace’s default language.
  • We fixed three errors in the BPMN 2.0 XML exporter/importer:
    • The export does not include the border color of shapes.
    • The export of a specific view exports the complete diagram and not only the specified view.
    • The importer does not consider the loop cardinality of a multi instance loop. The loopCharacteristicsId is lost during import.
    • Some BPMN 2.0 XML files cannot be imported due to encoding problems.
  • We fixed two errors in the DMN 1.1 XML exporter:
    • Multi instance decisions contain invalid IDs for the MID’s referencing iterator shape and its top level decision.
    • The format of datetime and time literals is inconsistent with internal date formats and doesn’t specify the difference between UTC and local time.
  • UML diagrams with a specified ‘stereotype’ attribute fail to load.
  • In the Internet Explorer, it is not possible to change date attributes in QuickModel correctly.
  • Some translations are missing in the Editor’s configuration dialog for stakeholder-specific views.
  • In some cases, message objects between pools are misaligned by the auto-layout function when loading a diagram.
  • When selecting an element in the Collaboration Portal on the bottom edge of the diagram canvas, the info dialog is in some cases not completely visible.
  • When opening a diagram in the Editor that references dictionary entries that are no published in their latest revision, the system doesn’t display a warning dialog.
  • After changing the default language of a workspace, the system doesn’t display the titles of dictionary entries correctly.
  • In QuickModel, the search-as-you-type function for dictionary items is always in the default language and ignores the user’s profile language.
  • Adding roles in the “Who” column of QuickModel: If the first row’s “Who” column contains a dictionary reference, all subsequent roles without an explicit dictionary reference incorrectly link to the first row’s dictionary entry.