Signavio Live 2020 Recap: 20+ Hours of Insight and Expertise

Written by Lucas de Boer | 3 min read
Published on: June 4th 2020 - Last modified: November 13th, 2020
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A week later, and we’re still buzzing! Thank you to everyone who attended one of the world’s biggest virtual business transformation and process management events: Signavio Live 2020. The agenda was packed, the speakers were inspiring, and the technical difficulties were non-existent. Read on for a brief Signavio Live 2020 recap, and find out how you can relive any session you like.

Setting the scene

In the face of a rapidly shifting global economy, powered by an increasing shift towards digitization, business transformation has been top-of-mind for many organizations—and that was before the massive and unprecedented impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. New ways of living and working are now being created almost daily, from the massive and near-universal uptake of remote work, to dramatic shifts in consumer behavior and priorities.

Signavio Live 2020 aimed to offer solutions to these challenges, and answers to a whole host of process management and business transformation questions. To do so, nearly 24 hours of online presentations were beamed live, on the hour, every hour, direct to attendees spread across the world’s time zones. No matter where you are, or what industry you work in, there was a Signavio Live presentation for you!

Signavio Live 2020 recap

In 2019, Signavio Live was big; in 2020 it was even bigger. As a quick Signavio Live 2020 recap, we can take a look at the numbers:

  • 2,627 people registered for Signavio Live 2020
  • Our audience came from over 115 countries around the world
  • We featured 32 expert and engaging speakers
  • 20 sessions took place over the course of the event

We’re also really proud of our audience engagement throughout the 20+ hours of Signavio Live 2020. We received nearly 1000 direct communications via our innovative pop-up polling service, with people sharing their thoughts on the session topics, as well as broader questions around business transformation, risk management, and many other subjects.

Plus, our Signavio Live 2020 attendees asked (in total) an average of six questions to the speaker at each session, meaning there was plenty of opportunity for dialogue, clarification, and discussion with our presenters. It’s the kind of direct access you don’t see very often at other conferences! This opportunity for engagement was also reflected in our attendee evaluations, with the vast majority of respondents rating Signavio Live as “very good” or “excellent” overall.

Don’t miss out!

For some people, a Signavio Live 2020 recap just won’t be enough. If you missed out on attending, want to check out one of the sessions you missed, or just want to revisit one of the presentations that inspired you, never fear! Every single session from Signavio Live 2020 is now available on-demand.

Go to and you can download as many of the sessions as you want, totally free. It’s all the comfort and convenience of a virtual conference, any time you like! Here are just a few of the fascinating presentations that are now available for download:

  • How Bilfinger established process management in a large and diverse corporate environment, including practical tips on shifting the mindset of end users.
  • Tips and tricks from Jackson National for ‘closing the gap’ between customer experience and business processes, and how to empower every process owner to pursue goals that move the needle in the company’s strategic direction.
  • How Property Exchange Australia balances a ‘start-up culture’ of rapid product delivery with operational excellence principles, as well as, how the company continues business even after physical site loss due to COVID-19.
  • How process mining improves operational visibility, enhances company decision-making, helps drive collaborative communication between international teams at Coca-Cola European Partners.
  • Why Deloitte Consulting believes deploying process mining is so effective in driving continuous improvement, and how you can use it to sustain the results of improvement initiatives.

Next steps

As this Signavio Live 2020 recap shows, if you’re facing business transformation challenges in your organization, you’re not alone. There are thousands of fellow process and transformation professionals around the world who are looking for ways to gain the insights needed to guide their business through difficult times.

The SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite offers the tools to support your organization, no matter your needs, whether it’s responding to a crisis or looking to understand and improve the way your business processes really work.

Again, you can view all the Signavio Live sessions at, or find out more with our free guide to the Velocity Edition of the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite. Get started on your process journey today!

Published on: June 4th 2020 - Last modified: November 13th, 2020