Signavio Version 9.2 (SaaS) is Now Available!

The highlights of this latest release mostly revolve around the extensive improvements to the dictionary feature. The new interactive simulation feature is also just one of many enhancements made to the Signavio Decision Manager.

Signavio Release Box Image

Dictionary Feature

The use of drag & drop to enter dictionary terms facilitates effortless modeling. Dictionary entries are now also easier to search in the Process Editor, attributes are shown directly in the attribute bar of the element in use and suggestions for dictionary entries are now adapted to each element type. Rights management in the dictionary has also been extended to include the right to 'approve' the entry to be shared in the Collaboration Portal.

Signavio Process Editor

Additional layout configurations are now available in the Collaboration Portal, providing alternative views of BPMN diagrams. The report, "Process Model Metrics" now also displays information uploaded in Signavio workspace files.

Signavio Decision Manager

Interactive simulation of DMN models, determining the remaining set of possible output values enables the user to test and experience decision diagrams. Improvements have also been made to data types and the Collaboration Portal.

For the full information on all the improvements brought by this new release and for the fixed bugs, please see our full release notes: Changes in Version 9.2.