Signavio and PRO Partner to Provide Advanced Process Innovation and Accelerate Customer Growth

BERLIN and BOSTON – April 9, 2020 – Signavio, a leading provider of Business Transformation solutions, today announced a partnership with Process Research & Optimization (PRO), a premier operations consulting firm dedicated to unlocking growth potential and profitability through process innovation. Now PRO clients will be able to leverage SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite to better understand processes to make exceptional and repeatable performance improvements.

PRO uses Signavio’s technology platform as part of the delivery model to improve process intelligence and optimization that drives efficiencies for clients. Together, the companies help businesses achieve step change goals by improving customer experiences, and revenue while reducing costs, increasing efficiencies. The Signavio Solution coupled with PRO’s Knowledge-base of digital best practice process models enable optimized business processes, rationalize organizational structures and rapid implementation of digital Future State business models.

“Our outcome-focused industry expertise aligns with Signavio’s technology platform to accelerate business growth for our customers,” said Drew Reckner, PRO Client Partner. “Signavio’s solution is the most interoperable in the industry and functions exceptionally well across disparate operational platforms, seamlessly improving business processes for our clients.”

Signavio and PRO’s industry focus offers an advantage to customers that are looking to experience immediate results. The technology coupled with the outcome-focused approach facilitates and accelerates customers’ ability to transform their process models and build the foundation for process automation. Customers can achieve operational excellence by modeling current processes, from payment processing to new customer onboarding, and discover a more efficient way of operating.

“Uncovering the true power of process is critical for any businesses looking to make impactful organizational changes for improvement at an accelerated rate,” said Alexandre Wentzo, SVP Americas at Signavio. “PRO has built an impressive knowledge base of best practice digital process models across all major industries and functional disciplines. This information is helping businesses improve inefficient processes, increase revenue streams, scale for growth and much more.”

For more information about how Signavio and PRO can improve your business processes, please click here.

About Signavio
Over 1 million users in more than 1,500 organizations worldwide rely on Signavio’s unique offering to make process part of their DNA. With its powerful mining, modeling and automation capabilities, Signavio’s Process Transformation Suite is a cloud-based management platform that enables mid-size and large organizations to understand, improve and transform all of their business processes faster than ever and at scale, providing new levels of business process speed and real-time intelligence. Its intelligent decision-making tools address digital transformation, operational excellence and customer centricity, placing them at the heart of the world’s leading organizations. Headquartered in Berlin, with offices in the US, UK, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Singapore, Japan, India and Australia, Signavio has helped optimize over 1 million process models across the globe.

About PRO
We've chosen our name carefully because each word, Process, Research, Optimization, describes a key component of our mission and business model:

PROCESS: While I.T. is central to all our work, PRO always starts with technology-agnostic process analysis and design as the first and most pragmatic ROI-based improvement step. We've built our improvement methodology by combining the best practices and lessons learned from the 4 major eras of process improvement: Re-Engineering, ERP/Y2K, Lean 6 Sigma and AI/Robotics. (Why Is This Important?)

RESEARCH: During the past 25 years, PRO’s Senior Leadership has created the world's largest knowledge-base of leading process templates across all major industries and shared services functions. We have process templates for all of Avangrid’s line operations and shared services functions. PRO’s research continually reinforces that the most innovative best practice processes are designed around specific customer and sales channel requirements.

OPTIMIZATION: Implementation resulting in bottom-line results is our differentiation and, combined with the ability to simulate and optimize processes, allows PRO to guarantee that project benefits cover our fees on every phase of every project, often many times over. (Why Is This Important?)

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