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Process Compliance

Businesses operate within a complex system of laws, regulations, and standards. Governing internal and external relationships and practices, the impact of a failure to meet regulatory requirements can be substantial - not limited to financial, criminal and reputational penalties and damages. Transparent management of the decisions made within your business every day is a crucial means of reducing risk. The Signavio Decision Manager empowers your compliance efforts throughout your business. More...

Process Performance

A holistic view of your business’ operations, inter-relationships and dependencies is an achievement in itself - but the real value comes from what you do with the insights gained. Once the As-is is established, release the full potential for optimizing business performance in your operations! Signavio Process Editor makes transparently documenting your business processes, identifying opportunities for improvement, and implemention of changes simple, quick and easy. More...

Process Innovation

Constant innovation is crucial to gaining, and maintaining competitive advantage across verticals and geographies. Digitization has made the requirement to stay fresh and offer exceptional service a must-have. Business Process Management (BPM) is a management discipline enabling holistic, value-based business and decision management. By empowering leaders to implement change and take advantage of market and business transformation opportunities with speed and confidence, Signavio’s BPM solution supports your business’ success. More...

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Wayne Burns - Chief Financial Officer, Western Feedlots Ltd.

Western Feedlots has devel­oped very sophisticated agricultural IT systems. I like using Signavio's SaaS much better than Visio to model our processes. The user experience is much more intuitive and it helps us share process standards efficiently.

Helmut Hofbauer, IHK für München und Oberbayern

This is a modern software: usability 100 points.

Paul Horstmann-Meyer, Unternehmensgruppe Pelipal

We were thrilled by the easy installation of the process editor in our organization. Hence, we are able to establish a basis for e.g. future decisions about changes of software systems or investments in ERP systems.

Martin Petry, Expert Business Process Management, 1&1 Telecommunication SE

The user acceptance of the Signavio Process Editor was outstanding from day one. Not many software tools can claim this. The following things were crucial for us as well: platform independence (Linux, Windows, Mac) and the direct integration with the jBPM and Camunda BPM execution environment.

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