Analyzing processes to reduce errors, inefficiencies, and bottlenecks in the tax overpayment process

This analysis would not only help reduce overpayment volumes and improve the client experience but also enable the agency to work more efficiently for its diverse stakeholders.

Mining Data on Tax Overpayments to Improve Processes and Customer Experience with SAP® Signavio® Process Intelligence

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Rising number and average amount of land-tax overpayments, increasing the burden on tax teams
  • Clear data on how customers overpay but a lack of insight into why they overpay
  • Need to understand what causes a bad customer experience during the refund process
  • Opportunity to align with the “Aspire 2032” strategic plan and embed process innovation as standard


  • SAP® Signavio® Process Intelligence solution, helping create a detailed process model, develop and test multiple overpayment scenario hypotheses, and identify KPIs and process challenges
  • Structured five-phase approach spanning process identification; data extraction and transformation; process analysis and solution identification; process synthesis; and enablement and handover
  • Deliverables including a process data pipeline and management and operational dashboards
  • Opportunity to build a future-oriented transformation framework, including expansion of digital twin capabilities to accelerate continuous improvement, and understand how government systems align with customer and employee needs and experiences using the SAP Signavio Journey Modeler solution

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Data-driven analysis of three scenarios in which clients overpay and four factors affecting the client experience, reducing negative impacts and financial stress on clients and helping staff add value
  • Potential annual savings of 252 person days by reducing payment errors and the number of assessment versions sent, as well as further savings by eliminating process bottlenecks
  • Significantly reduced ability of customers to make overpayments, improving customer experience and enhancing trust in government processes

“As part of our Aspire 2032 strategy, our vision is to be the world’s most innovative and customer-centric revenue collection agency.  ‘Embrace innovation’ is one of our strategic focus areas, where we can respond to our customers’ needs by embedding a culture of continuous improvement.
SAP Signavio Process Intelligence has helped us achieve our first stage in this journey.”

Jocelyn Yem, Director Strategy and Innovation, Revenue NSW

“SAP Signavio Process Intelligence has painted a clear picture of why clients pay too much land tax and how we can process refunds smoothly, along with a detailed road map to help us put these insights into action.”

Sabrina Bazouni, Director Land Tax, Revenue NSW