Signavio Process Governance 3.94 (SaaS)

New / Improved Functions

  • You can now create a new input field directly with just one click when the field was not created yet.
  • You can now drop an element from the shape menu on a transition to insert the element directly. 
  • Fixed Bugs

    • When in a workflow a SalesForce-Trigger was used that had been removed from the Services & Connector settings, it was no longer  possible to open the workflow.
    • Links in comments were hard to read due to their font color. 
    • When submitting a task directly after entering a value in a form field, valid form entries were marked as invalid.
    • If a user was replaced or removed from an organisation immediately after another user was replaced or removed, the second user was not replaced or removed completely.


    With the upcoming release of Process Governance 3.96 (in calendar week 28), we will introduce an improved date field validation in Signavio Process Governance.

    What is going to change?

    In the upcoming version 3.96 an improved date field check will be introduced. The check verifies whether a given year is truly valid, to prevent any issues from occurring later on.

    Valid years are numbers between 1 and 9999. An invalid year hand can be introduced to the system in two different ways:

    1. Creating invalid years in a JavaScript action

    With the help of a JavaScript action you are able to create and modify new variables such as a date field. This variable can be modified to a certain extent and set a specific date, including the year. This year must be valid. Invalid years can lead to issues like broken reports, as the report can’t display the wrong date format.

    2. Sending invalid years via a custom data connector

    When using a custom data connector, information that is used in your workflow is sent from an external database. If this connector sends invalid date values, the values cannot not be used and therefore not be selected as an entry in a user form.

    The new validation in the case execution will prevent the creation of invalid dates during case execution in your workflows. An invalid year can lead to false data in our database and therefore leads to broken reports and unexpected behaviour of the system.

    Does the change affect you?

    This change will only affect workflows where

    • JavaScript actions create invalid date fields
    • Custom data connectors are being used to send invalid dates

    In the next section we explain how you can check your workflows

    How can you prevent any issues with the upcoming change?

    To avoid any inconvenience we recommend to review and if necessary revise your workflows and custom data connectors to make sure they are configured correctly.

    If you are using JavaScript actions in which dates are created or modified:

    • Check for date field assignments and make sure the year is valid (number between 1 and 9999).

    If you are using custom data connectors that are sending dates:

    • Revise the connector and the date fields:
      • Open “ Services & Connectors” and look for connectors that include data with the type “date”
      • Check the implementation of the connector and make sure that no invalid dates can be created.

    When the validation is released and your workflows are not set up properly you might experience issues in the case execution: If you're executing a case with a JavaScript action that contains an invalid year (e.g. 20190 instead of 2019), the execution stops with an error. This behavior prevents you from completing the case. If any of your connectors send invalid data, these values can’t be selected which prevents you from completing the task and therefore the case as well.

    To avoid such issues we’d like to encourage you to check concerned workflow and connectors in your workspace within the next two weeks.