Signavio Process Governance 3.121 (SaaS)

Fixed bugs

After changing a report filter condition for a field to “has a value”, this field was shown as deleted. Fields are now shown in the correct state. It wasn’t possible to scroll the task list in cases with a large number of tasks. When editing user tasks, sometimes fields didn’t use the settings of the group the fields were added to and so weren’t shown as read-only.

Important Information

We would like to inform you about an incident in Signavio Process Governance that affected cases which use JavaScript tasks to alter date and time variables between the 13th December 2019 and 15th February 2020. Cases using these types of tasks may contain incorrect time and date information. The time could have diverged by some hours.Please read the following information and follow the instructions if needed to avoid any inconveniences.

What happened?

Custom JavaScript tasks within a workflow in Signavio Process Governance can be used to create a text representation of a date and time variable or manipulate the specific day and time of the variable. A change to the production infrastructure changed the default time zone for the service that executes JavaScript tasks from a specific time zone (EU: Europe/Berlin, AU: Australia/Sydney, US: America/New York) to UTC. The production infrastructure change happened on different days for the different regions:

On 26th February 2020 the time zone was reset to the previously configured value for all regions.

During the period of the infrastructure change generated text representations referenced the UTC time zone instead of the previously configured time zone. Therefore, the values for the time and date in the text representation varied according to the time difference between the old and new time zone. In case the text representation included the time zone, it showed now UTC as the time zone.

Any manipulations to a date variable which set a specific time also used UTC as the referenced time zone. Therefore, the specified time was off by the time zone difference between UTC and your regions server time zone compared to the execution of the same script before the infrastructure change.

Were you affected?

You were NOT affected when you alter date variables by adding or subtracting a period of time. The following line shows an example:

myDate = moment(myDate).add(10, 'hours')

You were affected when you have workflows that create text representations of date and time variables. The following line shows an example script:

dateText = moment(myDate).format('HH:mm')

You were also affected when you manipulate the date variables and set them to a specific time. The following line shows an example script:

myDate = moment(myDate).set({ hour: '10' })

What you need to doAll scripts should create the expected output again which they created before the initial infrastructure change.Cases that created any text representation or manipulated date variables within the affected time frame should be checked for correctness.We apologize for this inconvenience. We’ve determined actions for risk mitigation to prevent such incidents in the future. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.