SAP Signavio Process Intelligence – October 6, 2021 Release

New / Improved Functions

Process data analysis

  • We’ve extended widgets as follows:
    • Widgets configured with SiGNAL now notify you when the result set is limited by the query. This happens when the widget displays less data than the full query result from the database. Read how to limit the result of a SiGNAL query in this section.
    • For the widgets Breakdown and Over time we’ve added the option to show or hide data groups. Read how to use this option in this section for the Breakdown widget and in this section for the Over time widget.
    • In the Process discovery widget, you can now also zoom the diagram with the shortcut “Ctrl + scrolling the mouse wheel” for Windows and “⌘ + scrolling the mouse wheel” for Mac. Read more on the Process discovery widget in this section.
    • We’ve added the following new chart types to widgets:
      • In a Breakdown widget, you can now display your data in a heat map or as flows in a Sankey chart. Read more in this widget in this section.
      • In widgets configured with SiGNAL, you can display the query result in a table. Find out which widgets can be configured with SiGNAL in this section.
    • We’ve added pagination to all widgets that display a table. Also, you can set the amount of rows to display on one page.
    • When displaying data in the chart type “Table” in the Breakdown widget, you can group the table. Read how to do that in this section.
  • For processes, we’ve introduced the following changes:
    • We’ve limited access to the API authentication token. Only users with the manager role for a process can create and manage this access token. Read more on the token management in this section.
    • We’ve renamed and reordered the options for merging process data. Also, we changed the default option from “Duplicate events” to “Overwrite”. The settings of existing processes haven’t changed. Read how to set the merge strategy of a process in this section.
    • We've added new metrics for Order-to-Cash processes to our metrics library:
      • Lead time: sales document item creation to delivery creation
      • Lead time: invoice creation to accounts receivable clearing
      • Rejected sales document items
      • Return order items created
      • Deleted sales document items
      • Overdue and open Accounts Receivable items
      • Automation rate: sales document creation
      • Average invoice customer process time 
      • Total number of sales orders
      • No-Touch-Order Rate
  • We’ve made the following changes to investigations:
    • Workspace administrators can share investigations across processes and workspaces by exporting and importing investigations. Read more in this section.
    • We’ve added visibility options to investigations. By default, any investigation you create is only visible to you. You can decide with which SAP Signavio Process Intelligence user to share your investigation. Visibility options are only available for new investigations. Read how to switch the visibility of investigations in this section.
  • We’ve published the documentation of 20 metrics for the Order-to-Cash process in SAP ECC and SAP S4/H. The documentation includes the description and a SiGNAL fragment for each metric, and a description and default values for all variables. This documentation is only available on request. To get access, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

ETL data pipelines

  • ETL data pipelines are now available by default in all workspaces with a license for SAP Signavio Process Intelligence. Also, all connectors are enabled. Read more on ETL data pipelines in this section and find a list of available connectors in this section.
  • You can now run the transformation and load independently from the data extraction. So, you can adjust and execute your transformation scripts without putting any load on your source systems. Read how to run the transformation and load independently in this section.
  • We’ve added the option to cancel extractions or transformations that are currently processed or scheduled. Read how to cancel these pipeline steps in this section.
  • For the configuration of the data extraction, column aliases with special characters are now automatically replaced by underscores. Read how to customize tables and columns in this section.
  • We’ve improved the customization of transformation scripts as follows:
    • All tables and columns of your extracted source data are displayed in the script editor.
    • You can add columns to the transformation script with one click.
  • We’ve added more data transformation templates to the ETL data pipeline. The template documentation is only available on request. To get access, please contact your Customer Success Manager. The following templates are now available:

SiGNAL – Signavio Analytics Language

  • We’ve extended SiGNAL as follows:
    • You can now use the IF function inside subqueries to map event names to a cost number or value. Read more on this function in this section.
    • We now support all data types at all type levels for COUNT DISTINCT. Read more on this function in this section.

Fixed Bugs

  • In Breakdown widgets, the values weren’t ordered correctly. This happened when the chart type “Bar chart (horizontal stacked)” was selected and multiple grouping options were specified. We’ve fixed this. Read more on the Breakdown widget in this section.
  • Autocompletion didn’t work when configuring widgets with a SiGNAL query. We’ve fixed this.