SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub: Changes in Version 3.1.0 (SaaS)

New / Improved Functions

  • We have improved the search function, you can now add search filters. For an example, see the user guide.
    The following new functions are available: 
    • For attributes with a numeric value, you can define a minimum and a maximum value.
    • For attributes with a date value, you can select a date range.
    • You can select multiple values for filtering, depending on the attribute.
    • You can use standard attributes and custom attributes.
    • Changes to search filters are reflected in the URL, so you can refresh the page, or copy/paste the URL to apply the search filters.
    • The number of results with and without filtering is displayed.
    • You can clear all filters with one click, or clear individual filters.

  • We have improved how linked sub-processes are displayed.
    • If the same attribute is available for both the subprocess element and linked process and empty for the subprocess element, it is populated from the linked subprocess.
      For details, see the user guide.

Note: These are features and bug fixes for the new Collaboration Hub that is part of the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite. Bug fixes for the classic Collaboration Hub are listed in the SAP Signavio Process Manager release notes.