Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 7.8.1 (SaaS)


New & improved Features

  • Activity feed: We revised the detailed information for a selection of notification types (e.g. the details for dictionary item changes or new comments). Timeline dates from previous years will now also include the year if not belonging to the current year.
  • With proper configuration, a workspace can now be set to check attached intermediate events against the predefined modeling conventions.
  • Expanded content space in the process documentation now that the distance between the header/footer has been decreased.
  • You can now access the Signavio Process Editor when using the compatibility mode for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and 10.


Fixed Bugs


  • The check for consistency of subprocess names may not work with special characters in the name of the sub process.
  • If a new diagram revision is created by changing the title of a dictionary item, the activity feed does not log this as an event.
  • When using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, arrowheads are visible through dialogs that are on the Editor canvas.
  • Unable to reorganize custom attributes of dictionary categories.
  • Custom PDF print export logos are not available to Collaboration Portal guest users.
  • Switching between the applications Editor, QuickModel, and Simulation may not work in some cases.
  • In the process documentation, the custom attributes of dictionary items are not in a particular order.
  • With Google Chrome, configurations of attribute visualization layers cannot be deleted.
  • In some cases, links to documents are not visible in the Collaboration Portal.
  • In some cases, an error occurs in calculating cost because of a deadlock that is not found by the pre-check of the process.