Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 7.2.5

New/improved Functions

  • Better automatic layouting of BPMN message flows. Vertical and horizontal aligned message flows will keep the alignment when moving connected elements. Additionally, the auto layouting avoids that two message flows are positioned on top of each other.
  • Custom attributes of type "table" can now be enabled for multiple languages.
  • Both the canvas as well as BPMN pools and lanes now automatically increase in size when moving contained elements or creating new elements from the interactive context menu.
  • The labels of BPMN events and gateways are now wrapped automatically.
  • Fixed Bugs

    • In some cases, after a simulation run only the aggregated results, but no details are displayed regarding time, costs and resources consumption.
    • When using the Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, arrow heads of edges are not displayed at the correct position while modeling.
    • In some cases, generating the report process model metrics as well as the risk & controls report goes wrong.
    • In the editor independent from the number of linking diagrams not more than 5 linking diagrams are displayed in the list.