SAP Signavio Process Manager: Changes in Version 15.2.0 (SaaS)

With the 15.2.0 release of SAP Signavio Process Manager, we introduced the following changes:

Deactivated Features

The classic version of the Process Manager editor is no longer available. From now on, all users are switched to the new version, it is no longer possible to use the classic version.

For a description of the new editor, see the user guide.

New / Improved Functions

  • When you create a new dictionary item in the editor, in addition to the "Title" now the "Description" is also pre-filled from the attribute panel.
  • You can now add background colors for Organizational Units  and Hierarchic Organizational Units.
  • In the editor, you can now disable the grid view.

Fixed Bugs

  • We improved the text of a tooltip in the search field of the explorer to make it clearer.
  • When the UI language was EN-GB, custom attributes weren’t editable. We’ve fixed this.

Please note that this software release is deployed to our different systems, and over the next few days. You can check the  current software version in the help menu.