The Business Case for Diversity

Written by Niamh Elisabeth McShane | 2 min read
Published on: August 23rd 2018 - Last modified: August 29th, 2018
Signavio Staff

Are you working in Berlin’s tech scene? Are you a champion of diversity? Or are you simply interested in the topic generally? Tech affects us all in some way, and diversity in the workplace even more so. Join Signavio’s upcoming panel event to find out more.

The Benefits of Diverse Companies

The benefits of diverse companies are by now well-documented and well-understood. Research spanning decades attests to the fact that more diversity equates to greater innovation, better working environments, and more profit overall.

A diverse workplace has been shown to lead to:

  • more imaginative problem solving
  • better (less biased) decision making
  • easier attraction, retention, and motivation of talented staff
  • more robust risk management
  • clearer understanding of customers
  • more meaningful, less biased products.

It’s also simply the right thing to do!

Yet despite this being proven beyond reasonable doubt, it seems the tech sector is still lagging behind and continuing to accept and reproduce monocultural workforces, even though companies are suffering for it—culturally and financially.

Diversity in Berlin

Berlin is undoubtedly a diverse city, highly international and traditionally a liberal oasis, a melting pot of cultures, much of which is queer, femme and diverse. A wonder then, that the tech scene often fails to reflect the dynamic population of the city it inhabits.

To get to grips with this contrast, Signavio is bringing together a panel of external guests, all industry experts and champions of diversity in Berlin. Together we will explore the clear business case for embracing diversity and inclusion in Berlin’s tech scene, and raise some difficult questions about what is preventing investment in diversity and inclusion programs.


Join us on August 29 at Signavio HQ, where we will be hosting an event covering The business case for diversity and inclusion: productivity, innovation and profit to discuss diversity in the tech world, and the impact a lack of diversity can have on productivity in the workforce.

Our fantastic panellists will include:

Dr. Nakeema Stefflbauer, founder of FrauenLoop gUG, a Berlin initiative that trains resident, refugee and immigrant women for careers in the technology field.

Raúl Krauthausen, founder of Social Heroes, and a Berliner, author and activist. Best known for his, a worldwide digital map of wheelchair accessible places created by users, as well as his commitment to a good participation law.

Margaux Muller, Product Manager at SmartRecruiters, as well as a Diversity & Inclusion enthusiast and experienced HR and tech professional with a unique insight into initiatives in San Francisco, Paris and Berlin.

Stuart B. Cameron, CEO & Founder of Uhlala GmbH + PANDA GmbH, the women’s leadership & contest network, and has been successfully involved in professional projects for LGBT in the workplace for almost 10 years. One of them is STICKS & STONES, Europe’s largest LGBT job and career fair.

Lena Reinhard, Director of Engineering at CircleCI, is an experienced public speaker, and has been responsible for hiring, and diversity and inclusion efforts in engineering departments for the last few years.

The event is free but to support our local community we will be taking charitable donations towards our chosen organization, Frauenloop. A selection of sandwiches, snacks and drinks will be available as well as an opportunity to discuss the topics raised. We look forward to seeing you there!

At a glance

What: The business case for diversity and inclusion: productivity, innovation and profit Where: Signavio, Kurfürstenstraße 111, 10787, Berlin When: Wednesday August 29, 2018 at 18:30 for 19:00 start

Published on: August 23rd 2018 - Last modified: August 29th, 2018