The Art of the Pivot: A New Video Podcast from Signavio

Written by Lucas de Boer | 3 min read
Published on: November 4th 2020 - Last modified: November 4th, 2020
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Signavio is delighted to launch our first venture into the world of video podcasts. Packed with detailed insights from the world’s top executives, The Art of the Pivot helps you pivot towards a new way of looking at transformation, innovation and customer experience. Read on for more information, and a quick preview of the first few episodes.

Accessible insights

Every business has challenges to face, both internal and external. When thinking about how to transform your business for the better, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to rely on the wisdom of those who have gone before? If only there was a way you could access the expertise of the people that are leading the charge globally towards new ways of working… As you may have suspected thanks to the title of this post, now you can!

The Art of the Pivot, Signavio’s new video webcast, is intended to help you understand exactly how other leaders have managed truly transformational change, from the way the conceive of the task, to the real-world decisions they make along the way.

Asking the right questions

The Art of the Pivot is hosted by renowned communications expert, global event MC, and professional presenter Mark Jeffries. He’ll be posing searching questions to interviewees including the Chief Automation Officer from LexisNexis, the CIO from Regions Bank, the CEO of Siemens North America, and many more. Listening to the podcast means you’ll hear directly from leaders in the global business community in their own words, explaining their approaches to innovation and business transformation:

  • What were their key choices, and what information did they need to select the best option?
  • How did they know they were doing the right thing?
  • How did they know when things weren't going well, and what did they do in response?
  • What kind of skills and knowledge did they need to develop or foster, and how did they pick the right team to help?

If these questions are on your mind as part of your own business transformation initiative, you’ve come to the right place.

Upcoming episodes on "The Art of the Pivot"

The first season of The Art of the Pivot will be ten episodes long. You can subscribe at, where the first few episodes are waiting for you already. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect…

Challenges of Accurate Data

It might not quite be magic, but effective process discovery can make a dramatic difference for many businesses. Join Dr. Gero Decker and Pankaj Chowdhry (founders and CEOs of Signavio and FortressIQ respectively) in conversation about the challenges of collecting accurate data on how work is actually done, why customer behavior has changed forever thanks to the pandemic, and what we need to do to prevent Skynet from taking over.

Transforming Banking Operations

In her role as CIO of Regions Bank, Amala Duggirala is very familiar with the need to respond to changing customer expectations, and her insights on leading technological and organizational transformation are not to be missed. Discover why transformative leadership is more art than science, what impact ‘social proof’ can have on your initiatives, and the three pillars of effective leadership: the humility to listen, the courage to face reality, and the vulnerability to admit when you screwed up.

Drive Results and Improve Customer Experience

Vinay Mummigatti, Chief Automation Officer at LexisNexis, will cut through the noise around automation with a set of basic principles that are relevant no matter your industry. These fundamental points include establishing your motivation to change (hint, it’s your customers), how to make sure you are automating a good process and not a bad process, and the importance of becoming a “prolific communicator.” You’ll also discover why many employees consider process-oriented thinking a revelation, and why managing global change is like navigating a large container ship through rough waters.

And that’s just the first three!

Subscribe today

The Art of the Pivot is available at, on Apple Podcasts (accessible on mobile) and Spotify, or wherever you usually get your podcasts. As a video podcast, you can also view every episode on YouTube, and hear the insights from our interviewees as close to “in person” as possible. Subscribe today, to learn from your peers, supercharge your business transformation, and embrace the art of the pivot.

Published on: November 4th 2020 - Last modified: November 4th, 2020