Signav10 turns 10: Number crunching the unimaginable…

Written by Tecwyn Hill | 2 min read
Signav10 turns 10 birthday

What a decade! 10 years of process excellence; over 1,000 customers; 3,000% increase in our number of employees; around 87,600 hours of work… and 1 pet springbok (yes, really!) And that’s just for starters. But what other figures lie at the heart of Signavio’s success during the last 1/10th of a century? We did some number crunching for a calculator-busting look into S1gnavi0 at 10. The stats awai8.

It began with four...

Signavio celebrates 10 years

Signavio was founded in ’09 by four students at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, who saw a need for a collaborative and accessible approach to process management. By gatecrashing this underserved market, the team’s ethos of “BPM for Everyone” quickly resonated, and the first entirely web-based collaborative BPM software was born.

Signav10 turns 10

Deriving from the Italian word “segnavia”, meaning signpost, it was our founders’ goal to help businesses navigate the road to change. And whether it be yesterday, today or tomorrow, we continually push the boundaries of business and operational excellence, discovering new innovative possibilities and bringing award-winning products to market.

This is why we are trusted by over 1,000 customers, and reach over 1m users worldwide! In fact, the numbers, stats, facts and titbits are all on our side:


Signav10 turns 10 birthday

… It continues with millions

But equally important to us, are people. This not only includes how we work together as #OneGlobalTeam but how we interact with our global customers. The 300+ Signavians of today continue the digital journey of coupling thought-leadership with world-class guidance surrounding our technology and the customer‘s journey.

Signav10 turns 10

The numbers are on our side

We obviously believe in the power of process and letting data tell its compelling story! It’s why we do what we do. So, enjoy taking a look at the numbers behind our success, and let’s get started on the next 120 months, together.

Happy Birthday, #OneGlobalTeam!

Published on: May 10th 2019 - Last modified: May 10th, 2019