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Written by Lucas de Boer | 3 min read
Published on: May 20th 2021 - Last modified: May 20th, 2021
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Now that Signavio has officially joined forces with SAP, we’re looking forward to bringing this combined value to life for our customers around the world. The next stage of this journey is a literal one, as we reveal our upcoming strategy at the SAPPHIRE NOW® conference hosted by SAP on an annual basis for a global audience. Read on for a quick sneak peek of what you can expect from us at SAPPHIRE NOW in 2021.


SAPPHIRE NOW is a global conference hosted by SAP. Taking place this year as a worldwide virtual event, it all kicks off on 2nd June 2021 with a keynote from SAP CEO Christian Klein. Then, the event continues throughout June and July with three virtual SAPPHIRE NOW regional events, and three local events. (For more details, you can visit the official SAPPHIRE NOW website.)

SAPPHIRE NOW is intended to offer valuable experiences across many lines of business, industries, and job roles, from beginners to process professionals. In fact, there are eight different tracks for attendees to choose from: Customer Experience (marketing, sales, service, and commerce), Finance, Human Resources, Industries, IT, Midmarket (SMB), Procurement, and Supply Chain.

Signavio and business process intelligence by SAP will be well-represented in the IT track, with two sessions scheduled:

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What can we expect from the SAPPHIRE NOW presentations?

On 7th June, Gero and Rouven, co-General Managers of the business process intelligence (BPI) portfolio at SAP, will outline their vision of end-to-end business process transformation, the benefits of connecting Signavio and SAP solutions, and some real world examples of how effective end-to-end process optimization can be.

Then, on 7th and 21st June, Alessandro and Wassilios will take a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of what that transformation looks like on a technical level. This session will feature a guided demonstration of the power of Signavio and SAP technology.

So, what is BPI again?

Business process intelligence, or BPI, represents the process layer within the SAP portfolio, combining the strengths of process insights and improvement solutions from SAP and Signavio process transformation technology. This offers a range of benefits to both new and existing SAP customers, as well as organizations who don’t use SAP systems.

The benefits include the ability to:

  • Transform your business safely and predictably, with the needed project and process governance and a simulation engine to evaluate the impact of the changes.
  • Get 360°insights and full control of your processes with standardized KPIs, process performance indicators and benchmarks, process mining and user behavior mining.
  • Gain an overview of your current process performance — instantly. Then, go deeper with process mining to uncover the root cause of challenges and process variants.
  • Improve your process performance by realizing intelligent recommendations tailored to your process issues.
  • Empower end-users to automate their activities with a LowCode/ NoCode platform and all capabilities required for process automation like workflows, RPA or machine learning.
  • Get an inside-out and outside-in view on your processes by analyzing your operational process performance based on customer experience data.
  • Define the customer journey to put the customers at the center of your processes.

SAP has exceptional knowledge of its underlying applications, and can easily map solution capabilities onto customers’ existing process challenges, to help them get the most out of the applications. Signavio adds process modeling, mining and management software to the mix. Along with the vast process data SAP already has access to, the result is a comprehensive offering to transform business processes end-to-end.

Next steps

To find out more about SAPPHIRE NOW, or register to attend, go to the event page. If you’re keen to discover more about the next steps for Signavio and SAP, you can check out our dedicated BPI page. Or, to see what Signavio can do for you right now, sign up for a personalized demo, today.

Quick Quiz Answer: SAPPHIRE stands for SAP's Perennial Highly Integrated R/2 Exchange. No, we didn’t know that either. See you there!

Published on: May 20th 2021 - Last modified: May 20th, 2021
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