En Route to Success: Customer Journeys as a Strategic Imperative

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Published on: October 25th 2018 - Last modified: July 5th, 2022
Customer journeys as a strategic imperative map

Until recently, customer experience has played out in favor of the organization and not the customer. But no longer. What was once called word-of-mouth is now fully branded user-generated content. A bad review, a shoddy product, or unfriendly service can be swiftly seen by millions.

Mapping Your Way To business success

Customer journeys as a strategic imperative

But organizations that embrace Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) can shield themselves, and take an omnipotent customer-view across producing, marketing, selling, and delivering products and services. By embracing customer journeys as a strategic imperative, process can drive digital transformation and optimize organizations.

Signavio’s industry-leading CJM technology has just been awarded Hot Vendor™ status by renowned Californian research and advisory firm, Aragon Research. Our Hot Vendor™ technology brings this outside-in customer perspective into even sharper resolution with the possibility to include custom images within your organization’s customer journey maps.

Customer Journey Mapping with custom images: Follow the Signavio route

Instead of relying on placeholder text, or default images, process modelers can upload custom images to represent everything from different departments within your organization, to particular business functions, geographic areas, product lines, or whatever else is needed. This way, you can build your process model using the images that make the most sense to your particular circumstances, thus increasing shared understanding among their team.

In fact, Signavio’s Hot Vendor™ technology is to customer journeys, what GPS was to car journeys: game-changing!

Aragon Research on Signavio’s Hot Vendor™ award:

"What makes Signavio hot is… delivering a rich Customer Journey Mapping capability that is highly configurable and extendible to amplify the process game for organizations."

Enhanced customer journeys empower the customer and employees

A uniform approach to logos and icons across a range of products and programs reduces confusion and speeds up business processes, by ensuring each employee understands what a particular icon means, no matter where they encounter it within their organization’s IT landscape. This empowers your staff and colleagues to suggest process improvements along the customer journey map in a more collaborative and personal environment.

A strong ‘visual language’ also helps reinforce an organization’s brand internally, meaning efforts to create or maintain brand recognition outside the company are tackled with a united front. After all, a carefully-honed process management initiative will still fall short if the quality of the entire customer journey is not considered. Customers will turn off and move towards the competition.

Aragon Research on Signavio’s Hot Vendor™ award:

"Organizations that appreciate the value of connecting customer journeys with underlying business processes to deliver consistently great customer experiences should evaluate Signavio."

Customer Journeys As A Strategic Imperative

Aragon Research Hot Vendors™

With the click of a button, Signavio Hot Vendor™ users can see processes related to a customer's journey and the departments responsible for each touchpoint. You can quickly identify bottlenecks, duplication of effort, and any unnecessary steps that negatively impact your relationship with customers. CJM visualization also enables organizations to understand customer personas better and identify areas for customer-centric process improvement while empowering business mapping, change, and operational excellence.

This engagement empowers companies to shift away from lopsided efficiency goals, which often frustrate customers. Instead, you can move towards all-inclusive effectiveness goals, built around the customer, at the lowest organizational cost possible. Every customer is unique in the way they engage with an organization, so having a framework in place to optimize each touchpoint is essential in generating more revenue and new business.

Aragon Research on Signavio’s Hot Vendor™ award:

"Organizations that require customizations and data extensions for their Customer Journey Mapping will be attracted to Signavio’s CJM capabilities."

Signavio: We Map Your Success Differently

Customer journeys as a strategic imperative

Signavio's enhanced Customer Journey Mapping is the ideal template for operational performance metrics, as accurate tracking of touchpoints—and how customers interact with them—enables organizations to understand customer behavior, digital channels, and context, in new ways.

Today’s organizations are competing on value, and winning over the modern customer often requires much more than a price reduction. Customers want an enriching and seamless experience across all touchpoints…and if we can understand today’s customer behavior, we can better predict future interactions.

**Download our in-depth information flyer on Enhanced Customer Journey Mapping and Custom Images

Webcast: Understanding Customer Journeys As A Strategic Imperative

90+ years of combined experience in this special Signavio webcast

Attend this highly anticipated webcast with Jim Sinur, VP Research and Aragon Fellow, who will discuss and share his experiences about:

  • Why Customer Journeys are critical for strategic advantage
  • What expectations you should have for your customer journey mapping efforts
  • The five key principles to combine engineering with ‘imagineering’ for maximum effect
  • Top tips for creating better customer journeys that engage the whole organization

Jim’s background as an analyst in customer experience and business process management makes him uniquely qualified to understand the proper connection between process management and customer experience

Following the presentation, Jim will be joined by Mark McGregor, Head of Strategy at Signavio, to explore further opportunities and risks associated with a customer journey approach.

In addition to gaining insights from our presenters’ 90+ years of combined experience, registrants will receive a complimentary copy of a new Aragon white paper produced exclusively for Signavio, entitled Place Yourself Properly in Your Customer’s Journey.

Webcast at a glance:

Time: Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. GMT / 5:00 p.m. CET / 11:00 a.m. EST / 8:00 a.m. PST Duration: 45 minutes + Q&A Presenters: Jim Sinur, Vice President of Research and Aragon Fellow; Mark McGregor, Head of Strategy, Signavio Where: LIVE online

Signavio Customer Journey Maps: Beyond Your Destination

Customer journeys as a strategic imperative

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Published on: October 25th 2018 - Last modified: July 5th, 2022