Signavio + FortressIQ: Accelerate Business and Workforce Transformation

Written by Anita Raj | 3 min read
Published on: August 5th 2020 - Last modified: November 13th, 2020
Signavio and FortressIQ blog header image accelerate business and workforce transformation

Companies need visibility and agility to identify process inefficiencies, accurately streamline business operations, and prioritize transformation initiatives. That’s why Signavio has joined forces with FortressIQ: to help organizations of all shapes and sizes accelerate business and workforce transformation.

As the world continues to grapple with new ways of working, collaborating, staying connected, and living, Signavio remains committed to enabling companies to innovate, transform, and stay ahead of the market. Signavio's technology partner program builds on our vision of empowering companies to achieve operational excellence—fast and at scale. Our new partnership with FortressIQ will do just that, by supporting organizations to accelerate business and workforce transformation.

Stronger Together: Signavio and FortressIQ

Historically, optimizing business processes has been mostly manual and intensely time-consuming. Businesses traditionally lacked visibility into their siloed and geographically distributed processes and thousands of IT systems, not to mention how hundreds of thousands of users performed transactions.

The partnership between Signavio and FortressIQ empowers companies to drive a human and data-driven approach to complex digital transformations. Unpacking the collective power of business process and user interactions for operational excellence means combining top-down and bottom-up ways of modeling, discovering, managing, and monitoring processes and tasks.

To read the full press release about this exciting new partnership, click here.

Signavio + FortressIQ joint capabilities

The joint offering will provide customers with a simplified, easy-to-use view into their business processes and user interactions, to accelerate business and workflow transformation, and deliver high ROI business outcomes.

  • One solution for all process requirements—from discovery, modelling, conformance to mining at the process and task level.
  • Accurate, real-time insights into end-to-end business process operations to identify transformation opportunities and accelerate time to value.
  • Dynamically map process control flows from frontline operations with data flows from backend data flows to uncover process inefficiencies and reduce waste rapidly.
  • Unbiased, data-driven continuous business improvement and workforce productivity at enterprise scale.

To learn more about the possibilities this partnership unlocks for your business, download our guide to how you can achieve unparalleled insights with Signavio and FortressIQ.

Accelerate business and workforce transformation with Signavio + FortressIQ

Together, the joint capabilities of Signavio and FortressIQ offer a highly effective way for organizations to accelerate business and workforce transformation. Just a few of the most powerful partnership business benefits are summarized below.

Unparalleled real-time visibility across the entire process value chain

Achieving a breakthrough in operational excellence demands rethinking how business processes are analyzed for ‘as-is’ to design and build the ideal ‘to-be’ states effectively. Together, Signavio and FortressIQ represent a radical shift in how companies can analyze complex transformations by providing end-to-end visibility at the process and task level.

By mapping process control flows with user data flows, companies can:

  • perform faster investigations to identify bottlenecks;
  • conduct effective root cause analysis;
  • derive accurate process throughput and cycle time versus approximate estimations that may not necessarily be accurate; and
  • reduce risk by flagging process deviations in real-time.

Unlock ‘hyperautomation’ faster

'Hyperautomation' stands at the top of Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends 2020. Despite the intense interest and potential benefits, successful automation initiatives have remained elusive for many companies. In fact, Gartner also predicts that by 2021, 50% of robotic process automation (RPA) initiatives will fail if they are not complemented by adjacent technologies such as process mining and machine learning.

To support this combined approach (also called hyperautomation), Signavio and FortressIQ’s joint partnership enables companies to:

  • analyze how business-critical process workflows are performing for targeting the right processes and workflows for automation;
  • remove guess-work into RPA programs;
  • prioritize high impact and ROI-driven RPA roll-outs; and
  • optimize the overall business process versus focusing on a certain single step by integrating BPM, RPA, RDA initiatives for transformational value.

Maximize impact with perfect work instructions

The joint partnership will additionally help companies to analyze and correlate patterns of user activities with business processes to deliver precise work instructions. These work instructions enable companies to:

  • take into account variants for multiple scenarios and provide detailed instructions that come in handy;
  • track and analyze conformance and governance in the new, improved processes for measuring actual performance/effectiveness; and
  • benchmark productivity to build a scalable framework across the organization.

Next steps

Process mining is a vital tool to accelerate your organization's business and workforce transformation, though of course there will be challenges along the way. To help you overcome those challenges, download Signavio's exclusive guide to managing successful process mining initiatives. Then, once you're ready to get started with new standards of visibility, automation, and perfect work instructions, register for a free 30-day trial today.

Published on: August 5th 2020 - Last modified: November 13th, 2020