Free Cloud-based ArchiMate® EA Solution

Advanced & Easy-to-use Collaborative EA Modeling with Signavio’s ArchiMate® Edition.

Have you heard the latest? Signavio is now offering a free cloud-based ArchiMate® 2.1 EA modeling tool to everyone. That’s right — it’s completely free and requires no software installation! Sign up today and start EA modeling with Signavio’s ArchiMate® tool.

We just released version 7.8.0 of the Signavio Process Editor, which now fully supports The Open Group® industry standard for enterprise architecture, ArchiMate 2.1®. Companies can now use Signavio’s EA & BPM SaaS solution for modeling both IT systems and the business processes they support to establish a more agile organization.

“Supporting EA and Business Process Management (BPM) within the same tool helps align information systems with the organization’s processes. Linking the two models provides enterprises with the opportunity to implement changes more efficiently” said William Thomas, Signavio GM Americas. Read the full release at PRnewsire.

Establishing visibility and connecting EA with BPM brings IT and business closer together. By modeling both EA & BPM with Signavio, companies can now use the cloud-based tool for modeling IT systems, and the business processes they support, to create a more agile organization.

Additionally, Signavio and Cisco Systems® joined forces to create an ArchiMate® stencil set using Signavio’s Software Development Kit. The result of this collaboration is also available online as an open source project.

Learn more about linking EA with BPM, and sign up to start modeling with ArchiMate® right now!