Experience-driven process management: journey to process analytics

Make experience count.
Change where it matters.
Drive excellence at scale.
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What is journey to process analytics?

Journey to process analytics is a process management practice and toolset that connects data and teams of experience and business operations to understand, improve and transform your customer and employee experience.
All businesses have the same goal – they want to run at their best. Efforts focused on cost-driven efficiency and automation are the foundation for a lean and efficient enterprise. However, there’s often a disconnect between operational excellence initiatives and the experience layer. This approach helps you close this gap and unleash the full potential of your processes.
At SAP Signavio, we merge experience into the operating reality bringing data, systems, people, processes and experiences together.

Combining these two departments (Operational Excellence & Customer Experience) is one of the biggest topics for us in the coming 1-2 years.
VP Innovation & Finance @ European multinational online food-delivery service

Experience-driven process management

Make experience count

Eliminate the risk of implementing siloed experience and process excellence initiatives by collaboratively designing, visualizing, managing and sharing both the journeys of your customers, employees or suppliers and your process all in a single environment.
Understand how your operating model is perceived by your customers, employees or suppliers by mapping their journeys and your processes, metrics, systems and roles.
Reduce friction in the journeys of your customers, employees or suppliers by identifying potential levers in the underlying processes.



Change where it matters

Reduce time to insights by uncovering unknown relationships, anomalies and trends between experience and process metrics.
Increase agility and reduce time to action by rapidly identifying experience levers in your business processes.
Achieve better business outcomes and delight your customers by implementing data-driven process changes.


Drive excellence at scale

Continuously improving and transforming your business, processes and journeys with a top-line oriented mindset, fostering a continuous data-driven improvement approach.
Attract and retain customers, your best talent and key suppliers by establishing a customer/ employee/ supplier excellence first mindset in the company.
Drive greater efficiency with one single analytical framework and practice, combining operational and experience data of different domains (e.g. customer experience or employee experience), enabling both out an outside-in and inside-out view of the organisation.

Why linking process and experience matters?

A disconnect of your operational and experience goals can lead to a disengaged consumer base, giving ground to the competition, decoupling employees, harming employee retention rates, or leading to unhappy suppliers.

Achieving excellence over all touchpoints is only possible when you consider the back office and the front office. Identifying the root cause of bad experiences is often revealed only by considering the operational key factors influencing the sentiment of your customers, employees or suppliers. Only then you can understand quickly where to focus first, based on data.

At SAP Signavio, we help you transition from process-first to powerful 360º transformations, untapping the potential of adding the outside-in perspective in process analysis.

Why linking process and experience matters