Women in IT Summit 2020

September 15th 2020

Signavio, HSBC and SailPoint will share knowledge and celebrate the achievements of women in technology.

Join us at 11:10 am for a live Q&A, AI & Bias: It’s Complicated

The absence of women in technology stretches from the classroom to the boardroom. In Europe, only 21% of all tech founders are women and in 2019, $92 in every $100 of investment went to founding teams made entirely of men. Women make up only 1% of CTOs and less than 10% of tech executives. Further to this, a mere 0.9% of tech start-up founders are black; diversity goes beyond gender, and there is a huge racial inequality issue in the tech world across Europe. Crucially, there has been no positive change in the representation of women in tech, whether founders or C-suite roles, since 2017, and at a time with so many global issues at play, there is a danger that diversity priorities for businesses and society may fall even further down the list

The Women in IT Virtual Summit will bring together professionals from all four corners of the continent to keep the discussion going and push for a more representative tech industry. The sessions will take into consideration the huge shifts that have occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, explore some of the ways in which tech has supported society in 2020 and facilitate key diversity & inclusion conversations.

Expect spirited discussion around questions like:

  • What are the dangers of unconscious bias in a workplace, in leadership and in society?
  • In our new virtual workplaces, how can AI help eliminate some of this bias in recruitment, training and promotion?
  • What do we do when the AI is biased? Is an AI-based recruiter more biased than the humans?
  • How can we de-bias our increasingly AI-driven world, remove the skew at the source, and use it for good?

Navo Wickramanayake, Co-Founder & Director, The Better Tomorrow Movement
Caroline Lair, Founder, The Good AI
Euan Crosby, Talent Acquistion Lead, Signavio

For more information prior to the event or to arrange a one-to-one meeting, please contact: marketing.emea@signavio.com

Website and Tickets https://womeninitawards.com/berlin/summit/

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Women in IT Summit 2020