Webcast: Technology - The Fast Track to OPEX in Shared Services

March 21st 2018

Delivering Operational excellence requires resourcefulness and focus. As we live in a constantly changing business environment we are regularly challenged to adapt and embrace these changes. Being able to adapt and operationally improve by opinion is one thing, being able to demonstrate those improvements by analysis and monitoring of KPI’s and other quantitive measures is another.

On 21st March join sharedserviceslink and Signavio for a webcast that will showcase the role of technology in achieving operational excellence for shared services.

During the webcast you will:

  • Hear how the Met Office approached operational excellence and how technology made a real difference to their processes
  • Understand why having a focus on process is key to achieving operational excellence,
  • How technology can help you deliver operational excellence as well providing a platform for process analysis and process monitoring so you can then truly demonstrate its effectiveness

If you are striving to deliver effective business results using operational excellence then do not miss out on this webcast.

At a glance

Topic: Technology - The Fast Track to OPEX in Shared Services
When:  21 March 2018 3:00 p.m.
Duration: 45 minutes + Q&A
Presenters: Susie West, CEO Sharedserviceslink, Ian Pollard, SVP EMEA Signavio, Ian Stanbury, Quality Consultant Met Office
Where: LIVE online
Register: https://sharespace.digital/upcoming-webcast/technology-fast-track-opex-shared-services