Virtual ThinkTank: Creating your internal guiding coalition

10am - 11am GMT
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Join our latest ThinkTank which brings together Process, Operations, and Transformation leaders to discuss how organisations can improve their internal alignment to effectively deliver business transformation.

Achieving a goal requires three things: 

  • A clear vision of what the performance goal is
  • Alignment of the leadership team and key decision-makers
  • Drive and resilience to make it happen

Before your organization starts the work of transformation, people need to know what they are aiming at, what is required of them, and crucially – why.

This internal guiding coalition is crucial and includes the alignment of people in an organization to work efficiently and collaboratively to fulfil the purpose of the company. Internal alignment includes having the right governance in place and a consolidated elevator pitch around one clear “narrative”.

Effectively translating strategy into action is the cornerstone of transformation and this can no longer be viewed as an occasional activity that occurs once every twenty years or so. Transformations will need to take place  – not continually  – but certainly on a regular basis. Your people need to adopt these new behaviours and processes in order to aid effective transformation. 

In this collaborative ThinkTank, we'll explore how you can overcome the challenges of internal misalignment, ensuring leadership is continuously adapting to the changing business landscape and internal operations. 

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Participation is by invitation only - if you would like to join, please feel free to send us an email at:

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Virtual ThinkTank | Creating your internal guiding coalition


10am - 11am GMT

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60 minutes


SALLY JENNER | Director at Alchemmy