What we'll discuss:

  • How to define the ultimate customer journey vision in a way that:
    • Ensures it meets desired customer experience?
    •  Allows an operating model to be designed that will meet the journey needs?
  • What is the minimum viable process that will be the initial implementation & what are acceptable milestones on the roadmap to the ultimate vision?
  • How can your people and systems cope with frequent changes demanded by the roadmap?
  • How to measure the impact of improvements at each milestone in an actionable way?

Why attend?

Customer journey modelling and analysis is not new to global organizations and brand owners. Most of them have used multiple siloed tools with manual processes to visualize and monitor specific touchpoints to understand customer behavior.

However, traditional static maps are no longer useful in the present dynamic world where customers expect brand owners to anticipate their requirements and fulfil expectations at the customer locations. 

Organizations are increasingly looking at supporting the omnichannel environment to monitor customer behavior at every stage of their journey and optimize their engagement strategies to meet their CX goals.

Enterprise leaders are also looking at adopting an end-to-end approach to design, visualize, and analyze a customer's journey to gain advanced customer insights and drive personalized engagements in an omnichannel environment.

Organizations are increasingly adopting multiple customer experience solutions, including customer data platforms, journey mapping, journey orchestration & analytics, personalization platforms, and such others.

Customer journey modelling is considered as an initial and integral part of organizations' customer experience strategies. Getting this wrong means disengaging the customer base and giving ground to the competition.

Further information

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