The Power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) South Africa

If you’d like to increase your organizational efficiency while decreasing your costs, join IQbusiness, Solution Architecture and Signavio for a Breakfast Briefing on August 14th at the IQ Business Park, Johannesburg, to find out more.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is here to stay – but how can you best position your business to take advantage of this powerful technology?

The objective for this session is to enhance your understanding of RPA, and its impact on the role of a business process repository.

Take the rare opportunity to interact with leading experts on RPA, as they consider questions like:

  • Does RPA make Business Process Repository irrelevant?
  • What is the value of RPA? (Demo and case studies included)
  • How can AI and cognitive learning benefit your business?
  • What the risks are associated with RPA implementation?
  • What are the critical success factors for RPA adoption?
  • What role does a business process repository play in ensuring success?

At a glance

Topic: The Power of RPA: How is a Business Process Repository relevant? (South Africa)
Time: 14th August 2018  / 07.30 – 10:30am
Duration: 3 hours
Presenter: IQbusiness & Signavio
Where: IQbusiness Park, 3rd Ave, Edenburg, Johannesburg 2128, South Africa
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About our collaboration partners


IQbusiness is the largest independent management consulting firm in South Africa. We believe we are redefining our profession to be more responsive to the various challenges organisations face today. Our methods and frameworks, drawn from our 20 years of international and local experience, allow us to deliver client value early and continuously.
Our flexible, Agile approach includes:

  • Consulting: Assigning our teams to design and implement solutions
  • Research: Leveraging our research and that of our partners
  • Contracting: Deploying our experts to fill skills gaps

Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture is the Master Distributor of Signavio in Africa.  Our focus is on enabling our clients to get maximum return from their software investment, through the provision of expert skills and experience in the Business Process Management landscape. We enable companies to take advantage of the digital economy, by enabling them to facilitate Effective Business Transformation, Achieve Operational Excellence and Manage Governance, Risk & Compliance effectively.

We recognise that one of the biggest challenges business faces today, is dealing with complexity and the pace at which it grows on a daily basis. Our philosophy is based on the fact that the art of modelling manifests in the ability to create a simple solution for a complex problem. Our aim is to assist business leaders to make smarter and faster decisions, based on intelligent information that’s is available at their fingertips.

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