Software Robotics Live 2019

Join Signavio at the Royal Burgers’ Zoo, Arnhem on April 23rd to hear all the latest developments and solutions around software robotics. During this one day conference Signavio and RPA providers such as UiPath and Automation Anywhere will share details around a host of RPA subjects.

Learn the following from the RPA experts:

  • Which tasks lend themselves to robotisation?
  • How do you implement robotization in your organization?
  • How do you organize Robotic Workforce?
  • What influence does Software Robotics have on your governance, risk and compliance?
  • Which type of robotization is most suitable for you?
  • Unfair competition or new colleague?
  • How do you deal with Security and Privacy aspects?

This conference helps you to successfully implement Robotic Process Automation. The conference program is compiled under the watchful eye of the program committee. In addition to a substantively strong conference program, the conference also offers you the opportunity to network with your colleagues. Register free of charge and get inspired immediately!

Pop by the Signavio booth (#5) and learn how why putting Process at the forefront of your RPA implementation can really save the day.

The SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite can help you understand, optimize, and automate your business processes, before you decide where and how your business can most effectively implement an RPA solution.

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