Webcast: Smart Restart - Reimaging Business Operations and Scale Dynamically

1:00 pm EST

Learn how to quickly prepare for the transformation and adjustment of your processes by leveraging techniques, such as process mining and simulation, for fast, actionable process design and implementation that enables flexible, ongoing improvements.

Quickly prepare for actionable process design and implementation

The pandemic continues to impact the way businesses operate and has forced many organizations to adopt new ways of working in order to survive and thrive. Organizations have had to re-image their work and processes to create safe and productive work environments for their employees and customers.

Reimaging business operations amidst the pandemic requires looking through a new lens to effectively kick start and scale to meet fluctuating demands while continuing to serve all stakeholders. The re-defined processes will impact organizations far beyond the pandemic.

In this webcast, you will learn how to:

  • Set clear priorities: identify and target those processes that have the highest impact on your new/revised business goals
  • Develop a simple, actionable process roadmap: define the right portfolio of small pragmatic projects that provide best value for your high-impact processes
  • Improve rapidly and effectively: leverage appropriate accelerators, such as simple simulation and process mining techniques to transform processes
  • Adjust dynamically: process governance and the appropriate process intelligence enable an ongoing dynamic improvement of processes

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About the speaker

Goncalo Esteves, Director at BPM-D, is an innovative Business Process Management and Systems Thinking professional. He held senior process management positions in the manufacturing industry before joining BPM-D.

Goncalo seeks to provide organizations with a deep sense of purpose and actionable results by transforming their processes to enable strategic and operational outcomes. Having worked on several continents, he loves people diversity and embraces cultural awareness. Goncalo is interested in the field of space architecture and related developments by learning how to work and evolve in extreme environments.

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Smart Restart: Reimaging Business Operations and Scale Dynamically


1:00 pm EST

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45 minutes + Q&A


Goncalo Esteves, Director, BPM-D


Live online