Shared Services Leaders' Summit: Process and Technology 2019

September 11th 2019
Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel, 354 Queenstown Road, London, SW11 8AE

Join Signavio and Shared Services Link on 11th & 12th September when we will examine how to link process with systems capability. Digital technologies and digital workers (robots) can now perform many of the tasks we are used to assigning to humans. How can we adjust to this changing world?

Real transformation comes when we re-engineer our processes and re-structure our workforce to have an ideal synergy between technology and employees – designing processes that work with our technology and empower the workforce imperative to remain competitive.

The expert panel of speakers across the two days includes:

  • Paul Ruggier, Former Global Head of Operations Transformation Capability and Process Excellence at HSBC who will be sharing lessons learned from a 25-year career in shared services and process excellence, including how he helped $150m P&L savings in 2018 from HSBC’s 40,000 Operations staff across 50 countries.
  • Mark Harrison, founder of ACCEE, who will be talking about challenging the status quo so you can be recognised as a vital contributor to the sustainable profitability of the business
  • Martijn Geerling from Hackett, who will be sharing four key strategies to move from globalised business services to digitised business services
  • Dan French CEO of Consider Solutions who will be ‘Burning down the Shared Services House’!

Signavio Learning Lab with i-Realise

Join Signavio and i-realise on day 2 of the conference, 12th September, at 12:45pm for a 3 hour working lunch workshop discussing why auotmation is not enough. Signavio will co-host this workshop with their partner i-Realise.

Lonely Robots: Why Automation is Not Enough

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a huge topic right now—particularly for shared services organisations. However, there are two problems preventing companies from realising the true benefits of enterprise-level RPA:

1. Most companies only implement a handful of bots, covering the easiest tasks to automate

2. Automation never ‘sticks’, as the change management skills required to embed it in a business are poorly understood.

In other words, automation alone is not enough for RPA to achieve its full potential. You need humans in the loop, you need AI and other tools, and, most importantly, you need a strong understanding of the way your business really works.

Join this value-packed workshop to find out more, and explore how your SSO can scale up RPA initiatives, and reap the rewards. You will discover:

  • Why RPA scalability is such a hot topic, and why companies tend to implement so few bots;
  • The importance of process transformation in unlocking the full benefits of RPA;
  • How to re-risk RPA-enabled change management; and
  • How to take RPA-enabled transformation to the next level

You’ll hear real-life case studies: an employee onboarding where automation alone could not sufficiently reduce the end-to-end process time, and the transformation of an operating model that led to benefits many times greater than the ROI of automating a few tasks. Both case studies show how a fresh view of processes and people, aided by effective RPA, can help you capture maximum commercial benefit from your investment.

Join us, and learn how to banish lonely robots from your organisation, transform your business, and get the best out of robotic process automation.

Signavio Team

Pop by the Signavio stand during the conference breaks and play with Soccerbots! The first robots designed to play football; Take on Team Signavio and see who is the real football champion.

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2 days: Sept 11-12th 2019


Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel, 354 Queenstown Road, London, SW11 8AE