SAP Signavio Fundamentals Series Part 1:

Join part one of this webcast series to learn more about SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite.

Manifest Your Competitive Advantage with SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite

Continuous process optimization and business transformation have become a source of sustained competitive advantage. In this context, time to insights and time to adapt are key to becoming an intelligent enterprise. SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite is a cloud-based process management platform that gives users the ability to understand, improve, and transform all of their business processes—fast and at scale.

In this webcast, we’ll provide an overview of SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite as an end-to-end process management solution, with various use cases and added value, as well as its key capabilities regarding:

  • Process analysis and mining
  • Process and journey modeling, process collaboration, and governance
  • Process improvement and automation
  • Business process accelerators

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