Process Mining Live 2021

12:00 pm EST

Process Mining, and Process Discovery have become a critical tool for business keen to understand how their processes work in reality, rather than an idealized process map. It does this by visualizing the increasing volume of data generated by business systems.

Combining Process Mining, Task Mining and BI for a Holistic Intelligence Approach

Since the pandemic, Process Mining has become ever more important for businesses keen to identify any fracture points in their workflow which might have resulted from the changing business environment and increased prevalence of remote work.

Join Signavio and our partner, Solution Architecture for this informative webcast.

We will help you understand how to harness different technologies to achieve superior insight into your business operations. A holistic intelligence approach for modern enterprises results by combining Process Mining, Task Mining and Business Intelligence.

In this session, we will discuss how to:

  • Discover real-time visibility into business operations
  • Identify bottlenecks, spotting inefficiencies and fix broken processes
  • Build the basis for continuous process improvement

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At a Glance:


Combining Process Mining, Task Mining and BI for a Holistic Intelligence Approach


12:00 pm EST

How long

45 minutes + Q&A


Alessandro Manzi, VP Product, Signavio; Chris van Zyl, CEO, Solutions Architecture


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