How to Orchestrate a Successful S/4 Migration with SAP Best Practices and SAP Signavio


Join us in this webcast to learn about groundbreaking processes to help you on your digital transformation journey.

Continuous Transformation for Your Enterprise

Learn how an emerging bio-tech company, using SAP Signavio and SAP best practices, succeeded with their S/4 Hana implementation.  Hear how their approach accelerated their ability to design, configure and deliver processes as well as increase operational efficiencies. Hear also how this approach ensured common perspectives with both the business leaders and system integrator and established the foundation for long-term process governance.

Key Takeaways:

  1. SAP Best Practices for Business Processes enable you to accelerate your design and implementation of the SAP Platform
  2. Business Process excellence ensures you will own the knowledge of your processes as you enable each line of Business to drive Process Ownership
  3. Business Process Governance accelerates review and approval workflows to simplify the entire lifecycle and provide your organization with the right solution to succeed

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About the speakers

Zach Bennett, CEO & Chief Architect – Visual Enterprise Architecture
Zach is the CEO & Chief Architect for Visual Enterprise Architecture (VEA). He specializes in delivering transformational solutions to help organizations achieve their strategic goals. He is a strong advocate for creating cultures of Continuous Business Transformation and establishing Centers of Excellence in large enterprises. He’s a sought-after speaker, especially for his expertise in process mining, enterprise architecture and business process excellence.

Jean-Patrick (JP) Ascenci works as an Ecosystem Evangelist for SAP Signavio. In his role, he develops integrated solutions by following the "1+1=3" approach. As a Principal Solution Architect, JP strives to connect the dots between technology and methodology to deliver actionable and sustainable solutions. Over the past 18 years, he has worn a variety of hats including Consulting, Solution Engineering, Country Manager to Alliance Director. JP's global experience in Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture is now directed to support SAP Business Process Intelligence in leveraging the best value from the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite and its associated valuable ecosystem. His mission: "From seamless Transformation to Operational Excellence".

At a Glance:


Webinar: How to Orchestrate a Successful S/4 Migration with SAP Best Practices and SAP Signavio


March 31st 2022
1:00 pm EST

How long

45 minutes + Q&A


Zach Bennett, CEO & Chief Architect, Visual Enterprise Architecture; Jean-Patrick Ascenci, Ecosystem Evangelist, Signavio