Intelligent Automation Week 2019

November 25th 2019
Twickenham Stadium 200 Whitton Road Twickenham London TW2 7BA

Signavio are excited to be returning to the 2019 version of Intelligent Automation Week at Twickenham Stadium. Intelligent Automation Week focuses on YOUR journey across the realms of RPA and AI to allow you to overcome YOUR challenges with an eye for the future!


Join us and spend 2-3 days learning about these 5 key themes:

  • AI Tools - How can you leverage NLP, OCR, chat bots, machine learning, and build real AI solutions?
  • AI Now - Data is the backbone of AI, so ensure you have everything ready to maximise your strategy.
  • RPA & Technology Ecosystem - Do more with RPA by combining process, recognition, analytic technologies and more.
  • RPA Realised - You’re implementing or scaling RPA, but what are the must-haves for major business success?
  • Leadership – Lead and inspire your business to transform and change. Create the culture that will allow Intelligent Automation to succeed.

Pop by the Signavio stand and chat to the team to learn about the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite and how it puts the P into RPA:

  • Easily identify more opportunities for automation
  • Accurately assess business impact
  • Monitor performance, crowd source new ideas and quickly detect issues
  • Ensure scalable long-term success for your RPA implementation

For more information and a free demo -

Visit the Signavio stand to win a Sony Playstation 4

Meet the original PS4, delivering awesome gaming power that's always for the players! Pop your business card in the box on our stand, the winner will be drawn at the end of the event. Full T&Cs can be found on our stand at the event.

If you have any questions prior to the event, please email us at

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November 25-27 2019


Twickenham Stadium 200 Whitton Road Twickenham London TW2 7BA