Signavio at the Global Process Owner Summit London 2018

September 26th 2018

We are crossing the chasm today. Advances in technology in the past few years have meant that shared services and GPOs are re-imagining ‘the possible’ when it comes to Process, People, Organisational Design, Services and Performance Levels. We are quickly moving from the Old to the New, and our industry is getting a clearer view of the tectonic distance between the two.

Most companies have formed, or are forming, a Digital Agenda. This Agenda looks very different to its ancestors. Yes, it starts with the Enterprise Architecture, but that’s where the similarity ends. SaaS ERPs, especially HANA, are driving wider technological change. Enabling Technology has a fuller representation; up until now these have been often staple, but under-utilised solutions, and now, with broader feature sets, they are warranting more immediate investment. Data Analytics is finally getting its much deserved attention, under the new umbrella of AI or Machine Learning, after years in a slightly sagging state of a flat, over-stretched ‘early-adoption’ curve.

And then there’s the golden child – RPA. Pundits are quick to tell us RPA won’t solve all our problems, but we are blind, intoxicated by the promise of what RPA can enable. RPA alone is making us think differently about almost all the key areas in our process area.

Global Process Owners are sitting at the center of all this change. Join us on the 26th to 28th September to discuss GPOs and the Digital Agenda, with case studies and wisdom from:

Learning Lab:

Join Signavio and BPM-D on 26th September between 1:00pm-3:30pm for an exclusive Learning Lab titled: How is a Business Process Repository relevant with RPA for the GPO?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is here to stay – but how can you best position your business as a GPO, to take advantage of this powerful technology? The objective for this session is to enhance your understanding of RPA, and its impact on the role of a business process repository for GPOs

  • Does RPA make Business Process Repository irrelevant?
  • What is the value of RPA? (Demo and case studies included)
  • How can AI and cognitive learning benefit your business?
  • What the risks are associated with RPA implementation?
  • What are the critical success factors for RPA adoption?
  • What role does a business process repository play in ensuring success?

After this session with Signavio and BPM-D you will have a practical understanding of how RPA can support your business.

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Event Details:

What: Global Process Owner Summit London 2018
When: 26th —28th September, 2018
Where:  The Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel & Spa, 354 Queenstown Road, London, SW11 8AE
Event Page:

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