European Business AI & Robotics

June 4th 2019
Theater & Convention Center Orpheus Churchillplein 1, 7314 Bz, Apeldoorn The Netherlands

Organizations are unlocking the business value of next-generation technologies that are on the rise. How about yours? Join us in this European Business AI & Robotics event to discuss the latest developments of emerging technologies like advanced analytics, automation and more that are transforming the way we run business.

Meet Signavio at the unique B2B matchmaking and peer-to-peer networking session that will gather top-level decision makers and influential players responsible for technology developments across all functions all together under one roof.

Harness the power of your Digital Workforce

Looking at RPA as an "add-on" to existing systems and processes can yield short-term gains, but this approach isn't sustainable. Organizations should instead take an enterprise view of RPA to maximize the technology's impact. The quickest, easiest implementation of the cheapest robots available is unlikely to lead to long-term improvements, but an enterprise approach can fuel a shift in your organization's mindset towards process improvement. That's how true transformation occurs.

Talk to the Signavio team to learn why putting Process at the forefront of your RPA implementation can really save the day.


The SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite can help you understand, optimize, and automate your business processes, before you decide where and how your business can most effectively implement an RPA solution.

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04-05 June 2019


Theater & Convention Center Orpheus Churchillplein 1, 7314 Bz, Apeldoorn The Netherlands