Data Analytics in Retail Banking and Insurance Summit 17.-18.06.2021

Signavio is excited to sponsor the Data Analytics in Retail Banking and Insurance Summit on the 17th & 18th of June 2021. Log in and leverage new ways of working to tackle your current and future challenges!

Data Analytics in Retail Banking and Insurance Summit

The Finance and Insurance industries by nature have been intensively data-driven industries, managing large quantities of customer data and use data analytics for some time. The Data Analytics in Retail Banking and Insurance Summit on the 17th and 18th of June will cover a wide range of strategic topics which going to help the industry to tackle current challenge and prepare a safe and sound future.

Hot topics in the limelight

Be sure to tune in for 2 days of learnings, meetings and exchanges with your peers. Get inspired by use cases and success stories. Attend panel discussions and presentations on key topics such as data analytics, digital transformation, operational excellence and more!

Unlock the power of your data with Signavio

Do not miss Signavio on the virtual stage! Join Bastian Lewe, Senior Account Executive, for his presentation Prioritizing customer experience: How to take a data-driven approach to Customer Excellence and unlock strategic insights:

  • Identify the crucial processes that impact customer experience
  • Prioritize customer excellence in highly-regulated environments
  • Connect the dots between your customer journey and the people, processes decisions and IT
  • Build a seamless customer journey and uncover new opportunities

About the speaker

Bastian Lewe SignavioBastian Lewe is Senior Account Executive SMB at Signavio GmbH. Thanks to his expertise in the banking and insurance field, Bastian will provide you strategic insights on how to prepare your company for a successful digital transformation.

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