This year’s Blue Prism World looks beyond traditional models of RPA to understand how disruptive technologies and connected-RPA are creating organizational and cultural shifts within enterprises.

Stop by the Signavio booth (#G9) and learn why putting Process at the forefront of your RPA implementation can save the day.

Head over to the Signavio booth (#G9) to have your picture drawn live! Combining drawing skills with the latest technology, your digitally-created cartoon likeness will be free for you to take home.

Just like your portrait, a clear, detailed, and easily-understood process framework is a work of art. But when it comes to a successful RPA implementation, it can often feel as if you’re starting with a blank canvas. Get in touch with Signavio, and draw on our expertise to help you sketch out your process plan.

The Signavio Business Transformation Suite can help you understand, optimize, and automate your business processes before you decide where and how your business can most effectively implement an RPA solution.

What Blue Prism says about their Partners:

Our partners are vital to us being able to evolve and move forward. Our ecosystem, by working collaboratively to improve and push forward, allows all of us to extend beyond our capabilities and create solutions that not only provide the foundation of digital transformations but enable all of us to re-invent business models, to bring value and give us the freedom to embrace and adapt to change effectively.

Our sponsors are dedicated to delivering the best possible tools, skills and expertise, raising the cross-industry benchmark for quality. There’s no better place to see this added value in action than at Blue Prism World.

If you’d like to book an individual meeting with one of us, please send us an email at