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Customer Journey Mapping

See your business through your customer's eyes and open up a whole new world of opportunity.

Why do you need Customer Journey Mapping?

Today's most innovative organizations have one thing in common.

These disrupters are re-imagining what is possible, from the way we get to work, to the way we bank, to the way we shop. How? By exploring every aspect of their customer experience.

Customer Journey Mapping visualizes all elements of that experience.

It gives you a view into every customer interaction from their perspective, unlocking insights to power innovation and competitive advantage. A customer journey map shows how real people connect with your business processes to create moments that matter.

But mapping a customer journey is challenging.

Using simple drawing tools can produce beautiful pictures, but lack standardization and integration with real-world operations. On the other hand, traditional modeling tools yield an accurate view of IT systems and processes involved, but the maps are highly technical. Neither of these options produces easily-shareable or integrated solutions.

You can have the best of both worlds with Signavio.

Signavio Customer Journey Mapping connects relatable, inspiring icons to the behind-the-scenes processes, decisions, and systems that drive operations. Create widespread understanding of your customer journey and get your entire organization on the same page to start achieving great things!

How can you use Customer Journey Mapping?

Transformation Initiatives

Transformation initiatives can only succeed when companies overcome the bias towards “the way things have always been done.” Customer Journey Mapping gives you a fresh perspective to imagine innovative business models. It also creates excitement for change by providing employees the context and purpose of their work.

Operational Excellence

Even the most efficient process can be a waste if it isn’t contributing to the overall customer journey. Before embarking on a major operational excellence project, you first need to understand where the customer journey should be improved. Those processes should then become a priority

Risk & Compliance

Every interaction with a potential customer involves risk. Not only the risk of losing a customer, but also the risk that a non-compliant action is being taken. Customer Journey Mapping creates transparency around these interactions and provides visibility into underlying decisions.

With Signavio, all these initiatives can easily be communicated throughout the enterprise by creating a shared vision and understanding for the masses.

What are the benefits of Customer Journey Mapping?

See how your customer experience is impacted by behind-the-scenes operations.
Increase shared understanding and get your entire organization on the same page.
Empower all employees to think of the next big, disruptive idea.
Respond quickly to changes in customer demand or expectations
Create moments of delight for your customers that keep them coming back for more.

With Signavio, you can connect the dots between your customer journey and the people, processes, decisions and IT systems that drive it. Transform your day-to-day operations to keep the customer at the center of your business.

Start your Customer Journey Mapping initiative today!

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There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.
Sam Walton, Founder of Walmart

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