Signavio Business Transformation Suite: Customer Excellence Edition

The new transformational North Star for customer-centric improvement & operational resilience
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Signavio Business Transformation Suite

Signavio Customer Excellence (CEX)

For too long, there’s been a disconnect between operational excellence initiatives and customer experience. Organizations find their plans to transform customer journeys never make it from ideation to execution, or that supposed solutions create even more problems. No more! It is time to break the cycle of customer failure with the Signavio Customer Excellence (CEX) Edition, featuring the new SAP Signavio Journey Modeler.

The SAP Signavio Journey Modeler enables us to combine outside-in and inside-out perspectives on our goal to become even more customer-centric.
Claire Hornn, VodafoneZiggo

The Customer Excellence Edition

... Welcome to the future of business transformation!

Signavio launches the world’s first product to serve the emerging practice of Customer Excellence, providing a full 360° of outside-in and inside-out thinking. With the new SAP Signavio Journey Modeler, you can understand, improve, and transform the way customers engage with your business, translating experience into operational reality.

Coordinate business process transformation in one unified environment with capabilities ranging from process mining, discovery, and modeling to governance and improvement actions.



SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub

Get to grips with SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub - the heart of the Business Transformation Suite. This central meeting point secures collective knowledge, collaboration, and communication across an entire organization, globally.

Understand better how to apply comments and sharing features for a step-up in transparent working environments, including Live Insights for end-to-end understanding across transformations, including S/4HANA migrations. The evolution of collaboration is here!


SAP Signavio Journey Modeler

Take a look at an e-Commerce journey, and dive into SAP Signavio Journey Modeler to understand, improve, and transform the way customers engage with your business. Learn how to leverage step-by-step journey models, embed widgets, extract process mining analysis and connect processes to customer sentiment for a deeper understanding of the way your business functions.

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence

What is SAP Signavio Process Intelligence?

Discover how & why Signavio Process Mining is built differently. Unlock SAP Signavio Process Intelligence levers required for business transformation at scale with the power of next-gen SiGNAL, ETL pipelines, smart diagnostics, and customer analytics. Kick-start global optimization for RPA, hyper-automation, and AI/ML initiatives, providing improvements to drive automation & big-dollar savings throughout enterprises.

Simplified ETL Data Pipelines

Unseal the power of Signavio for simplified ETL data pipelines using oven-ready transformation templates. Hit the ground running with upgraded connectivity across different sources for the most common processes, e.g. P2P, L2C & ITSM. Plus, understand how to connect to several source systems and continuously refresh your data for a fully updated improvement agenda.

*Some ETL data pipelines, connectors and/or transformation templates might not be globally available for all source systems and processes.

Process Investigations and Live Insights

Learn to build powerful visualizations and reports in minutes for lightning-quick insights on process performance KPIs, cycle-time analysis, and business health indicators. Examine root causes and deep-dive using enhanced widgets for simplified alignment. Establish Live Insights smart diagnostics to test weaknesses & simulations, and update traffic-light-styled indicators to expose criticalities.

Signavio SiGNAL and Metrics

Reimagine the boundaries of process and data with SiGNAL, a powerful SQL-like querying language optimized for millions of events, with purpose-specific process mining functions. Step inside the Signavio platform for expert insights on metrics systems, such as cycle time, automation rates, and rework rates. These metrics can be included in any process investigation with just one click.

From Experience to Excellence

Signavio launches the world’s first product to serve the emerging practice of Customer Excellence. Signavio brings together a full 360° of outside-in and inside-out thinking, translating experience into operational reality and putting the customer at the center of everything you do. Make continuous experience improvements your North Star!

Signavio Journey Modeler

As a leader in cloud-based process mining, the Signavio Business Transformation Suite: Customer Excellence Edition comes loaded with Signavio Journey Modeler. Journey Modeler helps you to understand and visualize your customer experience via a step-by-step journey, connecting your processes & data with the way customers experience them.

Simple point-and-click:

  • Operationalize customer experiences by connecting journeys and processes, metrics, systems, and roles.
  • Leverage experience data and process mining to understand operational root causes for customer frustration or happiness.
  • Accelerate innovation by combining inside-out and outside-in perspectives.

Signavio Process Intelligence

As part of the Customer Excellence release, we have upgraded our process mining offering. Signavio Process Intelligence includes an all-new, powerful toolset that covers all business & customer requirements. Break down powerful fact-based insights & customer sentiment into manageable improvements.

  • Mining at scale - The SiGNAL Mining Engine is a cloud-based in-memory query engine that can process events logs with millions of rows. 
  • Empowering business users - The Metrics Library empowers business users to leverage the computational power of SiGNAL without technical knowledge. 
  • Extended connectivity - The ETL Pipelines simplify online and manual data acquisition with unique process mining oriented data model creation.

Point. Click. Done!

The Signavio Business Transformation Suite: Customer Excellence Edition simplifies & supports companies to improve and transform customer satisfaction, engagement & resilience. View a full Customer Journey Modeler demonstration, here.